Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the nineth day ....

I am not sure I need to remember all the details of each day, but I am just jotting. I like the run through the day to see if I missed anything. I know my page for today will be about the Carols in the evening and hanging with my kids. I put it on facebook so I will go and grab what I typed there, and I loved the post where Ali typed about all the things she loved, not sure if I will use it here, but I will use it somewhere.
Thursday is group day, and I am sure we headed for a late yum cha so I sewed before we left. Then Noah split his eyelid on a toy so I took him to the Dr, it was fine no stitch needed, thank  goodness he was worried.
Lunch which they didn't eat much of, no more yum cha for us, I don't eat seafood so I don't order much, and the kids don't like it, we've tried it, that's it. Then I dragged the kids around the shops a bit getting a few small things and looking at Lego. Noah has asked Santa for a Lego train, he wrote his letter back in July, and hasn't wavered from it, but the train is $300 and I have explained that it is not likely that Santa can afford such a toy, have I mentioned Andrew was made redundant again for the second time in 4 months! Yes just before Christmas, End of November, thankfully most of the shopping is done. Amy I had better send him your way for some slave labour!
Noah was hard to sway, he did like a few other bits, but kept coming back to the train. So I went homing contemplating it. I came up with a plan, a few vouchers, a return of some Thomas bits I had and 25% off Lego in Myer. See day 10 something about a successful mission.
In the evening I decided to take the kids to Carols at the local shops. The best bet is that they have a lovely stage outside surrounded by restaurants. So we booked a table, sat outside, watched and listened and ate at the same time. The kids played with the pizza dough and colouring from GPK and then got a show bag with lots of fun bits, kept them entertained for ages. They danced and sang and ate. They were the most well behaved and delightful children, I think it was some one on one time with Mummy they craved. I am so glad I went on my own, I am sure if other kids came it would not have been the same. The glass of wine with dinner may have helped! We finished with ice cream for desert and went for a wander to check out the Lego in Myer (how I found they had 25% off) we came back thinking Santa would have arrived at the Carols but they were packed up. After waiting so long and them getting bored we missed it! We went home via some Christmas lights, that made them happy and they fell asleep on the way home. It was 9 pm!
This is my fb post, may just use it, sums it all up.

"Enjoying the christmas carols at Erina Fair with the kids. GPK pizza, a goodie bag with a candle light, dancing, singing carols and delight at hearing songs of Jesus what more could you want. They even packed their best manners. I love Christmas! And family. Xx"

On the tenth day.....

Ok so these are from memory and looking at the photos. It was a Friday, so ballet and swimming. The girls had a great time at ballet, it was only a small class but they danced beautifully. Then off to swimming where they were astounded at Katelin's confidence in the water. I think it has something to with spending the entire last weekend in the water at Jamberoo and the caravan park. But it did pay off, there is another girl in Kate's class who can swim quite well. So Kate thought she would give it a go too and she swam, well paddled, she was so delighted with herself. After the lesson she was telling everyone she could swim! Finally a huge break though after a year of suffering through her dislike of lessons.
I believe a large portion of the afternoon was sewing and trying to get it all finished, I want to pack away the machines. I did use up the last of my Christmas fabric on some skirts which was exciting, I wasn't sure it would all go I did buy 6 or 8 metres, I can't remember. I just have a few dresses left.
Not sure what else happened, I believe some more tidying, ahh now I remember, a special mission to sort out a secret present with much success! While I was out Daddy and the kids put the outside lights up which they were very excited about, it is so nice to see them up. We are a big fan of looking at lights. The kids love we have our own, not much but they are there.

The end of the night was watching The Polar Express, Noah's favourite and making reindeer ginger breads for the party tomorrow. The kids had so much fun and they were up so very late, I just can't stuff everything I need to into the day at the moment. The idea for the cookies came from the Woolies cook book, we already had a pack of the greens gingerbread men, so I bought the decorating things and away we went. You turn the gingerbread men upside down!

On the seventeenth day ......

I am trying hard to make it here and make some notes each day. Too tired last night, dinner at Mums and Christmas lights, kids in bed late so I went to bed too. Just realised I still have 10 whole days to catch up on, going to do some of that too, before it disappears althogether.
I am not sure if ballet was on or not, but we chose not to got. I finished the clean up of the house. Finally all my rooms are tidy, need to vacuum though. It has been a battle to keep onto of the house stuff as well as everything else while sewing so much. The kids had a nice time opening advent calendars and haning out in pj's. So did I.
Swimming lessons and Kate is loving it, now she can "swim" since being at Jamberoo and in the water all weekend she had a new found confidence and she can actually doggy paddle to get herself somewhere. It is cute to see and she is so very proud. It is a big step after such a struggle and her disliking swimming for such a long time.
Home and some movie watching and a rest. Thumbelina and Dancing Princesses were on the menu today and a tea party with her new tea set.
I stayed for a bit and went to wrap presents. Almost done, I ran out of tape, one colour of my ribbon and had no box to put an awkward present in so I had to pack up. My fav bit was Katie writing on the tag of Noah's present, should have taken a pic. She came back and asked if there were more to do. She had fun!
Is anyone else as bad as me? While wrapping Im working out where best to put the present under the tree, and moving them 20 times so they are balanced and the big ones at the back, smaller toward the front. My husband said they look like the come from a shop! At least he noticed and said they do look nice. I also have to share, no kids decos on my tree, my second one out the back I have allowed/ given in to the fact that they should be able to have their decorations on a tree. We are waiting for our clay ones to dry and I will blog about it, and where all the decos came from.
We made reindeer cookies again. This time on cookie dough not gingerbread, Kate isn't liking the ginger bread so much. The pic is on my phone, and not sure how to get it here, you will see them in another post from Christmas earlier in the month. I did get the kids to put the decorations I had made on the tree today. I had two finger print decorations made, I really do adore Christmas! They are made from silver, the kids put their print in them and they get to work drying them and polishing, then they engrave and ready to go! They are amazing and I love them. Katelin has an angel and Noah a star. They are made by our local branch of Smallprint, who also happens to be a friend.
Off to dinner at mums and some fun with the kids as I mentioned above. More Christmas decos and a new Christmas outfit for Millie, that is a post for another day, Katie and Millie matching.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the sixteenth day ...

I spent some time with my kiddies. I packed away the sewing machine, although it did make a brief appearance today. I think the sewing machine needs to be away for me, I have had enough of it and I want a break.
The kids are really enjoying spending with me one on one. And I with them. I really enjoyed my night with them at the Carols last week and I am trying hard to cherish those moments, and let so many of the little things slide at the moment. I heard someone say the other day (I think it was on Oprah) that a child wants to see your eyes light up when they enter the room, and every child deserves that utter adoration. It is so true and I want to make a conscious effort to acknowledge them and the things they have done.
We went to mothers group today as we do most Thursdays. 5 and a half years of catching up with these girls weekly, they are an amazing group of women, with passion, support and love and caring for each other. They are a great support and together we have an amazing power to make a difference, a passion to help. I love these girls. Digressing slightly, I am talking about the kids, but I think I would like to mention these girls on one day in my DD. The kids love hanging out too, they are all so happy to see each other an play together.
We came home and played a little, I had to make a dress and then I went to the hair dressers. My own little Christmas treat! It was lovely. In the evening we prepared dinner and the children helped. Noah had a dislike for his scrambled eggs so there was some discussion about his joining us at the table, he did as I asked however and he did indeed eat most of his dinner. He is slow at making decisions and needs time to come around. After dinner we opened Noah's day on the calendar. He got a book, The Polar Express, a favourite here. He adores the movie and I love that he will have the book to keep for years to come.
We all snuggled up in Noah's bed and read the story. I am sure we will read it many more nights to come.
He would like his own Christmas sleigh bell, and ideas girls?
This has to be my favourite moment of the day.

On a side note my bloggy friends, I am  catching up on my reading and you will notice some comments on your posts from last month, I am behind, but catching up. I have made it to the end of November. You have all done some amazing things. Nicole I am sorry I missed the challenges, but I will be back to lift a few pages, can't wait for some scrap time. Di can't wait to hear your plan for 2011. Will be a year I want to document since we have big school coming up. Amy you have been very busy and the house is coming along nicely. Sharon I would love one of those mangoes, is it in the mail yet? Miss you all. xx

On the fifteenth day ...

I didn't take many photos again. Some days I just don't think about the photos so much. I know I should. I took a couple early this morning, the kids slept in their clothes last night, and slept in until almost 8am.
These are of the small one looking for the number 12 on the calendar, we were a few days behind. And for reference we count down from 24 to 1 as in one sleep until Santa comes. It would seem most people think this is odd. A tradition in my family I guess.
Katie did well to find the number 12, and she found a necklace in that little box. Some days there is a note with a coresponding number under the tree, and they unwrap a present, usually too big for the box. Often it is a Christmas story.

This day ended up down time for all of us. I have been cramming too much into my last week, I couldn't keep going. We did a few small jobs and went to my Mums to hang out. Then after a while we went to the shops and took Katie she was well behaved. She picked out her own present to give Noah. That was a fun little exercise.
The day disappeared way to quickly at least mostly it was at a slower pace. I did have to cram in the pre school run, swimming and dinner with a Dr visit thrown in on the side, Noah has a skin rash which is not a problem but could hang around for 6 - 12 weeks! He was a delight on his own this afternoon. I love one on one time. He told me he will continue to be good on these hot summer days, when it is winter he will be naughty, but he may be good on some cold days too LOL! I replied with I like him being good all the time, it makes everyone happy and we all get along well.
It was an extremely ordinary December day. But one I adored especially time with my boy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the fourteenth day .....

Pre school day for the kids and Noah slept in, so we all tiptoed around quietly, I finished the last of that ironing.
He woke and we got ready for pre school. It was practise for big school today, a lunch order on a brown paper bag and deliver it to the kitchen. Both kids were very excited, they all got to do it, even the ones who aren't going to school next year. When I asked what they got they told me a sandwhich (they ordered jam) an apple and a  cheese stick. Noah told me he as already decided he will order a jam one again tomorrow.
For me it is usually my sewing day. I had planned to be finished by now but I had a few little bits still to do, a Christmas order for my best friend, and a special job, a dress to send to Hillie's niece. When Hillie left us I felt the need to name a dress after her, you can see my post about that here. also thought it fitting her niece have one, she is Hil's sisters daughter and she is 3 like my Katie. I hope it makes them smile and I can't wait to see her in it. It is ready to post today and they don't know it is coming.
I had decided early on this would be my day, I needed  a break and to do some things I wanted. So I got the sewing out of the way, packed up the machines and headed to lunch with my best friend, on her lunch break at work. It was enjoyable, we talked about a lot, mostly the kids, and Christmas we planned our Sunday get together, a smaller group of us that are close, from our mothers group always get together the last weekend before Christmas, usually the Sunday. This year only Tracey and I can make it so we have decided we might make it our trip to the city to see the windows and the train, but make it late evening and catch some of the amazing lights too. I love the idea ...... I do adore Christmas.
The afternoon was spent with one of my favourite pass times, wrapping the presents, it's a bit like scrapbooking to me, matching the papers and ribbons to the decorations on the tree, I even made the tags, I stamped them, I had so much fun. I will take a picture once they are all nicely under the tree.
The evening was one of my favourite things to do, the road to Bethlehem. It is an amazing production put together and acted out but the community of the local Seventh Day Adventis School. They should be so proud of their community spirit and what they achieve it it phenomenal.
They also manage to maintain the focus of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas while acknoledgeing the tradions so many of us expect at Christmas. It is a joy to bring our children to watch the performance, which is a half hour tour with about 5 different scenes acted out, they are  different each year. 
Then they participare in the activities which are all free, you can make donations, and you have to "pay your taxes" to come in. The children made paper crowns, clay Christmas decorations, which is always a favourite, they remembered the ones from last year, had their faces painted, recieved a show bag and watched the black light puppet show.
It makes me proud to know my children absorbed the message, at  the end there is a cross below which the children can plant a message on a card. I asked Noah what he wanted to write he said "I am sorry you died Jesus, I love you". Ahhh the true celebration on Christmas.

On the thirteenth day

 I am not even sure I took any pictures on Monday. I do have a few days where I want to slot in some different things. Like our Santa Photo. We  had it taken in November, on the beach. So I need to find a home for it.
This day was an overwhelming one for me. The house had jobs that needed doing everywhere and I felt quite behind, so I took the kids and we met up with my best friend, usual for a Monday and went to the beach.
It was the most glorious summer day one of the first good ones we have had. The kids swam, played in the sand, swam again, built sand castles and tunnels. We had lunch on the grass hot chip sandwiches.
Noah went to Rosie's for the afternoon and shortly after their arrival Tracey sent me a message saying out water babies are in the water again, in a blow up pool in the back yard.
My little one, who said she didn't need a nap, of course I agreed, fell asleep in the car on the way home, she is beyond exhausted at the moment, so much on, late  nights, no naps. I used the time to get caught up on  a lot of those jobs I was over whelmed by earlier although there is still many more to do I felt much better.
We collected Noah the kids ate dinner there, we drove past lights on the way home, Noah fell asleep, of course the one who had a nap did not. She was up till quite late, playing and talking to herself in her room. I ironed quite late into the night. Hence only one blog post not two ..... I couldn't type clearly.
As I look back over this and the photos I will work out what bits I want to highlight. I am loving that on some day's Ali's page is short and concise and captures just one brief little moment. Usually a very adorable one. I am aiming for the same.

Monday, December 13, 2010

On the twelfth day ...

I was too tired and had to go to bed. I crammed so much in I could blog as well!
Regular Sunday programming at the moment means nippers, which Noah complains about but loves when he gets there. We stayed a nippers a little longer than planned. It was the most devine summer day, about time by the way summer! It was a late start as the Nutri grain iron man truck was there, the boys were excited and met some iron men. Nippers Noah got to go on the board again, his favourite. I was so proud when he ensured he got a second turn, telling the teacher more than once that he only had one turn. It gives me confidence with him going to school next year, around me he is quiet and shy and leans to me for help. It seems nippers is going all festive next week too and there may be a visit from the man in red.
Next we listened to Dr Rip, a surf scientist and man after Noah's heart, he wants to be a scientist when he grows up and do speriments, along with building robots and working at TiVo with Daddy lol!
 It was great for the kids to listen about rips, and for the Mummy too. Then he got a lifeguard to put some die in the ocean to follow the rip. Noah thought this was pretty cool! So quintessentially Australian and Christmas time, love teaching my kids about the water.
In the afternoon Katie and I checked out a market. Fun but refrained from shopping, nothing I had to have!
I worked on my photo calendar, it seems a traditional present now, both the grandparents get a copy of the calendar with pics of the kids as part of their present.
Dinner with the kids was tired and grumpy but we got through it. And moved onto taking a pic of us all together, I will put it up as my Christmas header soon. Speaking of which I get the feeling I need to update my blog template, it seems I'm laging behind! After having kept the grumpies up past bedtime I figured they could stay up and have some quality family time, scootering out in the street. Which then turned into the usual wander up the street looking at the lights. I love the time of year and that we have such awesome lights so close and the kids loving to see them. They talk about the ones with music, and the ones with popping up santa and a few other notible ones. The look of joy on their faces makes my heart soar every time.
We chatted with the neoghbours continued on out wander and came home.
I love that Christmas makes people think of the kids (they all put their lights up for the little ones) and that they get to experience some of the magic of Christmas through the kids.
I need to get a picture of the twinkle lights.
Will add the pic tomorrow. 
Till tomorrow....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the eleventh day ......

I can't believe that we are 11 days into December already. I want to do December Daily, but already I'm behind. I am hoping I can use this blog as a place to make my notes, capture the things I want to remember of the day, and share my pages as they get completed.
I am having trouble starting because this yeat I didn't make a foundation album first, so I have nothing to work around. I think I need to get out some papers and play around a bit first. So I will start with some notes.
Today was a busy day, end of year ballet photos, full costume. This meant Katie and I were there before 9am, that was after I got myself ready (including straightening my hair) prepared the nibbles for the party, got the kids ready packed the presents and left jobs for Noah and Andrew.
Katie enjoyed the photos she seemed to have fun and was happy to participate both times.
We headed home to get ready for Christmas with my family, my sister is up from Melbourne. The kids were so excited to be doing Christmas especially with their cousins. Katie chose to wear her "fluffy" skirt after considering her Hillie Christmas Dress. It is fun to see her display her own preferences, although I still struggle with wanting to put together the perfect outfit, it is something I enjoy, I just have to be aware of allowing her own personality to show through.
Noah was so very proud to serve out his reindeer cookies, giving out each one to the person it was individually decorated for. We had to eat them early as they were melting and loosing their faces.
The kids were all pleased to give and recieve presents, there was a lot of paper going every where, oohing and ahhing some squeals of delight, especially over a Woody and some Zhu Zhu guinea pigs and even a that was just what I wanted. One of my favourite moments was when I asked Noah what his favourite present was he replied they all were.
I also want to remember 5 children all under 8 in the same place, playing together, shifting from group to group, playing on their own, in pairs sometimes 3. I loved seeing the different dynamics, different kids playing together, different pairings.
In the evening we played uno with Noah and he played outside with Daddy. It is nice to see them spending time together and it is funny I see so many similarities while they are together, they were both happy pottering outside spending time.
I also want to remember about Noah loving his Lego advent and the fact that he can put them together on hos own. Kate loved the nesting Santas she got today too.
It was a lovely day with family and I was so proud of my kids behaviour and their enjoyment over such a long and full day. These are the things I want to remember about my kids and this December.