Thursday, February 25, 2010

For Di and a new page

Ok a quick post. Di this is me using the same template, I left it with a white border and just printed on a4 so it is a little smaller than normal. I think it works. And I kept the kraft from going to the edges as I was worried it would not print right to the edges. White is safe.
And here is the only page I worked on today. I planned on more, but Katelin didn't agree and she woke early, she has not been sleeping well. I printed the white square out and now I have to scallop my purple paper and adhere to the yellow. Oh and my purple is smaller so it will look a little different. It looks kind of nice just sitting there printed out on the papers. I will try to take a photo (the camera I am using at the moment is not great with the flash.

And Liberty you really should try hybrid it is fun and really quick.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A quick hybrid

So I bought myself a couple of templates and I have a few stories I want to get down quickly. Here is one I threw together quickly for Katelin. I think I need to track down a few more digital papers. I find this difficult at the moment. I would like some of my real PP's in digital form.
Any way it looks like this.
What do you think? I will put some actual paper down the bottom I think, same as Cathy Z did. It is a CZ template. Will show you again when I print it. Do you like seeing the digi pages finished?
Happy scrapping, give hybrid a go!

Some pages

Sorry all, I have had some pages ready to post. I just haven't stopped long enough to acutally put them up.
These last two weeks I have been busy and haven't done many pages. I think I did a few too many and I ran out of inspiration! We also went camping on the weekend so that took a bit of time preparing! We had a great time. When I can get the photos off my iPhone I will share the story. So for now some things to look at.
This is the same format I used for a LO for Katelin earlier on, I really liked these photos of Noah with the pod boats and he had such a great time, it was his favourite activity of the day.
Here is my first holiday layout. I shared it digital and then I printed it and mounted on cardstock. I also used up a few little ribbon buckles I have had around for a while too. Nicole shared recently about using up old supplies, I don't have many but I have been trying to look at what I have differently and use them wisely.
This is another hybrid. Ali Edwards posted a free template here. I have resized it so it would fit out of my printer and this is how I finished it. Gotta love some rub on's and a white pen. And a whole bunch of kraft at the moment. I love that my story was told, and quickly after our holiday so the memories weren't lost.
 Here it is again in an 8.5 x11 with another story told about our ice cream one night out. It was lovely. I think I have even used this template again for our trip to the zoo. I will share it later. This page goes in to our family album as it was a story I wanted, not so much about either of the kids.
By the way Hills' Angels episode of Domestic Blitz will air this Sunday night (Feb 28) 6.30pm on Channel 9!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hmmm what to share

I am not sure what to share today. I have been scrapping madly, well not quite, but alot. I have been trying to get down the stories of January. There have been a lot since there were a lot of holiday days and different events. I am finding my memory not as good as it was and liking when I have blogged about the topic (preferably soon after it happened to get some good quotes).
So I am worrying that i am just writing general stuff, perhaps it sounds like it now but will still have enough detail to mean something later on.
The kids sat and looked through some older albums this afternoon and they talked about the things they remembered and asked me about the ones they did not. So it was fun to see them get so much enjoyment. It is SUPPOSED to be for them (although I'm sure it is more about me at the moment).
Side note, in this years albums there seems to be a lot of kraft at the moment - at least it is early in the year!

This is a retake I have done for a few pages now and I really like how it came out on the java background. It is a lift of Nicole's originally. I am liking looking back through albums and finding ideas for layouts - and a trip down memory lane at the same time. The story is about Noah's present he made for me at pre school, wrapped bought home and put under the tree and told me I had to wait until Christmas to open it - too cute!
This one came to me by way of email. I had printed the 6x8 not sure how I was going to scrap it so it sat on my table for a bit. Then I got an email from Remember When and I noticed a layout that Lee had done. It worked well and I like how it turned out, was on a run with java here! Oops the story is about a bush walk to our local national park looking for bugs and other things for the kids to identify. Was a fun outing.
This is Kate's layout for the same day, a lift of Di's I think, found it in my album already. Kate had a great time looking at the creepy crawlys (there were not many) and learning about fungus and moss and things we don't have in our backyard ( not many since we back on to bush and the bush turkeys like to visit while I hang out the washing).
Hopefully there is some inspiration to get some stories down. Photos and words really are fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Same but different

Ok so before I read Amy's post I planned on sharing these pages and talking about how they are all different. I think Amy did an awesome job for making them look so different. And I am off to get that free digital threading waters punch. I do have a real one and I love it. Oh and thanks for sending me the sketch Amy!
This one started as an 8.5 x 11 and I thought I would make it more like Nicole's page here. Then it cam out of the printer and it looked washed out. Add a piece of berrylicious and wallah! Much better.
 Next one and I did plan to just add a title to this one but I hit boarderless printing and it came out a little cropped. So again how to fix it. Add to 12 x 12 and some letters that fill the gap! I like how it turned out!
This last one printed fine (third time lucky) and I left it 8.5 x 11 and I am happy with it. Sorry about the wonky photo. Funny story about me really liking my car. It makes me smile when I see it and a sense of pride inside. If only I could work out how to get my car to live at the beach. Go and try to scrap some stories quickly using the same base. It is so nice to get them told!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dancing in the rain

These past few days my mind has wandered often to Sheye Rosemeyer, February 5 marked the 3rd anniversary of little Ava's passing. While visiting Sheye's blog I am constantly inspired, by her photos, her words, her strength and her attitude.
Yesterday I sat quietly with Katelin, she has been doing it tough sleep wise since our holiday and she doesn't like the sound of rain at the moment. So she woke too soon and we sat and watched tv quietly. She heard some children playing outside in the rain and wanted to go out. At first I said no, it was raining too hard, then she asked again and I thought of Sheye. Why not, it is only a bit of rain, she will dry off, I can change her clothes. How much fun is it to dance in the rain. So out she went, and I followed her with my camera. I got a few shots I just love. I am also loving the top she had on, to me she looked just divine and I want to wrap her up, hug her, spoil her and indulge her every moment I can.
I also think my word for the year Cherish fits well here while I am talking. So many things to cherish, life, moments, being a child, loving, holding and enjoying. So I rolled all of this into my layout.
Here it is digital as my scanner isn't co operating at the moment. It actually has a green and white spotty pp on top and white vinal thickers spelling out cherish.

Oh and thanks Amy, was channelling Sheye when playing with the colours of my header photo, turned up the yellow and green. On further thoughts though could have also gone purple. May try that later.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Little by Little

So I have taken a million photos at Christmas. I am trying to work through scrapping them. As we get further away, I am finding that only some of the stories stand out as ones I still want to tell, so I guess it is a good way of culling. I am not as organised as Di. I am working on just a little at a time and it is working for me. I am scrapping the current month and then a few from Christmas. My plan is to stay current and work back at the same time. See how it goes.
 So here are some of my pages.
Love the colours on this page . And the story I captured of Katelin with her cousin. They don't see each other often but they still get on so well. This is a lift of Nicole's page I think it is grandad.

This is a page to go into our family album about our Christmas day. Love how this turned out. 8.5 x 11 seems so fast at the moment. This is a lift of Nicole's new room layout.
Sorry the next few are blury, but now it is too dark to take more. So they will have to do.
This is a lift of an old page of mine, and I am sure it came from Nicole orginally. I like it, and look it used up a whole bunch of odd thickers. I don't usually cross colours like that but it seems to work. And I seem to have a run on Kraft at the moment.
Here is my printed out Bluberry bush page. My lift of Amy's page. I like how it turned out and it was so easy. Print 6x8 collage, open journalling space, copy text from blog paste and rejig to fit done! Then the fun part gluing together. I am liking the hybrids.

This last one is my favourite, and the photo does it no justice. It's a little wonky. I love the colours and how the placement turned out. It my version of Nicoles taekiodkai layout. I really like thte two squares of pp. And the story is really special too. It is how I bought a present this year for the kids to give each other, and they loved it. Katelin talks of her gingerbread man charm from Noah often. Noah loves the gingerbread man story. And I am proud of my kids for being so happy giving each other a present.
Thats all on the LO front.  I am off to edit some shots from today - not sure if a collage calls or the will need individual shots.