Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project Life Week 1

The first few weeks of the year have been busy for me on all fronts. Especially with Mr almost 6 starting school, that took some adjusting.
I have been struggling to find my rhythm and time for me. It has been forever since I scrapped. Hopefully that will be soon. Last week I gave myself a lot of time to catch up on my Project Life. And I really enjoyed it. And I am gradually working a system to keep the wheels in motion closer to weekly.
So here is my cover. Love stopping to look at those smiley faces. Not sure on what will go in the top right yet. Something will come along or I will create something.
The week in full view. I am having trouble remembering to keep paper bits and pieces, I am getting better at it. And I love seeing the bits in the album.
Week one left side closer up. Some weeks I write a lot, some weeks I write little. If I am organised I will write down something that the kids have said directly onto the card and slot it in. I love these ones the most later on. I do also keep the album out on the dining table (hidden amongst the sewing at the moment) so it is out and easily accessible with the cards handy to jot down stuff.
And  the right side closer up. Some days I don't take photos, some days there are a few I love. To put them in and look back over the weeks is already lovely to see. I love looking at what we have done.
And a tip, I jot down on a note what has happened that week. I found I don't always use all of those details, but I wasn't sure I wanted to through them away either. So I have used one of the cards folded in half to jot down the week. Some times this sits in its own sometimes it goes behind another item (they have a tab which pokes out).
Are you doing Project Life? What are your thoughts? Anything you would like me to answer?
I do also love the way Ali Edwards has included some extra pages on special things. I am waiting for some 8.5 x 11 sleeves to arrive and I think I will give it a go to. I like the idea of a few things being elaborated on. 
And I have made notes along the way of the bits I would like to do a scrap page on for the kids albums.
Feels good to blog too. Hopefully I can keep it brief and then I can fit in more frequent posts.
If only I could do a post straight from my head, IE plug into the computer, think I would be onto something. 
Hope you are all well.