Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Canvas' of a different kind

Ok so last time I shared my daughters room. I got a few comments about you few readers of mine being inspired to finish different things off after seeing Katelin's room I must say I am not sure it is a bit of guilt or inspiration but I am trying to get on with scrapping Noah's room now too. So I thought I would be a little differnt with this post. I am going to share some of my pictures, not yet scrapped.
The story starts here, we decided to move Noah into a new room that we could decorate especially for him when we knew that we would be having a second child. I thought it would be a good idea for Christmas as it would give Noah a few months to get used to his new room before the new baby. So here is DH painting as Mummy requested, on Christmas Eve mind you!

I wanted Noah's room to be ready for Christmas morning as we had gotten a lot of things for his room. I wanted a lot of excitement about his new room so he would like it, I should mention he was only 18 months at this stage. So his room was not finished but as ready as it could be and he loved it. I only have video footage, no photos of the first time he saw his room. A few days later he moved in there - a whole other story - we also moved him from a cot to his new big bed - too much all at once. We started out with the things that we had, like his draws from the nursery (from Ikea of course).

He got new handles for Christmas and those great book ends which go with his quilt cover. I also wanted him to have a photo of our family, it has since been changed to the one you see here - his favourite moment, going to the beach cricket. And he got a new shelf, goes with the draws, to house his books and toys. This of course is not all of his toys, just the special ones.

And after a lot of shopping with my Mum to find the perfect quilt cover we chose this and Nanny gave it to Noah for Christmas. I know it sounds unexciting for a little kid to get linen for Christmas, but we were trying to make it fun and exciting and he was young enough to think it was just that. I should also say he got a bike and a fishing rod from Santa.

The last part that was ready for Christmas was this table and chair.

These were painted white for me by my Mum, who is great at all things arty and helpful. This table and chair was my Mother in laws made for her by her Dad so they are very special. Noah loves to sit and play at them. So even though there is lots in his room it took quite a while to get the last few finishing touches in and I then never got around to taking the photos. So I want to do two LO's, one about when we worked on his room and how it turned out and one about the changes as he gets older, the new things added and his change in favourite toys. So the first one I think will be a regular LO and the second will be a photo collage type like Katelins.

Here is one more of the things we added, some canvas' we made by sketching the designs from the quilt and then Mum painted them for me. This one is a height chart and there are others. He also got a lamp for his third birthday. So the above is some images I will use for the first page. And the second one will be about the new friends Noah got for Christmas and how we have upgraded his room to grow with him. I am interested to see what you think my LO's may turn out like. Here are two shots of the new friends on the shelf.

So I will get on with my LO's and post them so you can see how they turned out. I was going to share a LO or two but I think this post is long enough and has enough pictures in it.
Happy scrapping.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Create a Canvas

So I think I mentioned on the post before I went away that I would share a canvas that I have made for my daughters room and a layout of her room. It has been raining a lot here, so my photos are not fantastic, it is still poor light, and it doesn't make it in to my house well at the best of times, so sorry but this is it!
Again this is my interpretation of Nicole's canvas she shared on remember whens blog quite a while ago. You can look it up in the archives. I really liked the idea, but I didn't have the wall space to make such a large one. Katelin's room has had these shelves in there since before she was born, and yes they are also from Ikea. So it looks like this.

I just picked four of my favourite shots and I cropped them to the same size, I think they are all 4 inch squares. Of course I changed them all to B & W otherwise I would have had mismatched colours in the photos as they were taken at different times. When I took them to get printed I just told the computer not to adjust and it prints out with the white space on the bottom. I went to my local store and picked out two co ordinating patterned papers that would match the colour scheme in her room. The letters I used are AC vinyl thickers in white and they are called sprinkles. Not sure on the flower it is just fastened with a brad straight through the canvas. I am really happy with how it turned out. It looks like this on the shelf.

I have been wanting to do a layout of both my kids rooms for a while. I have just been really slack and haven't done Noah's, mostly because I never took pics when it was finally finished. So I have just taken some, not yet printed because we just changed it around at Christmas with his new toys, so now I have two to do for him.
I have done Katelin's though. Before Kate was born Noah got a new room especially decorated for him. We left the nursery as it was, painted pale green, as I figured we could add blue for a boy or pink for a girl. So when Kate was born it stayed that way for a while, and over the course of 18 months we added more things to make it girly and pink until you get the result you see below. I enjoyed collecting things for her room and there are special stories about most of the things you see in the page.

The journalling reads

Katelin, this is your room now. We have just bought your own new draws and shelf for all your beautiful treasures. Since you were born we have been gathering things for your room to make it more girly. Nanny bought your beautiful butterfly bed linen. I have made things like your art hanging canvas, your shoes in a box and your picture canvas. All of your special treasures are on the shelves like the pink bear Nanny bought when you were born, and all your wooden cooking toys. I bought some pretty butterflies to stick on your wall and you love those you point ant try to say butterflies. Here is the rocking chair you climb into each night for your bedtime story. These suitcases will house your little treasures later on. I was so happy when I found these butterfly bookends for your room. You still love your cot and your fish to sing you to sleep. You adore your musical star which we recently got and you can pull the string to turn it on. And in your bed sits your favorite things, Millie bunny, your dummy and your blankie, all which are required for every sleep. I try to get you to leave them in there during the day and mostly you do but Millie often comes out to play. This is your room with all your precious things in it. I hope you love it half as much as we love you.

When I had just completed Katelin's room Nicole conveniently posted about scrapping her girls rooms. So it was just perfect to write about Katelin's room. Mostly because I wasn't sure how I would go at getting a lot of shots on one page. This is actually a 12 x 8 inch photo all put together in photo shop and printed out. Then some white cardstock on the top and bottom for the journalling. The pink strip is also cardstock.

So I hope you enjoy reading my interpretations of Nicole's ideas and I hope you get inspired to think out of the box about what and how you scrap.

Enjoy the week!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy weather on Holidays

Ok so we left for a holiday on Sunday, with the forecast of 40 + degree temps, and of course the sad news breaking of what had happened in Victoria. We arrived to sunny days and we spent our first day like this.

Then it got cooler over night so we spent out second day on land like this.

Then it rained in the afternoon and from then on. Who could believe we would head to such a water based holiday destination like Nelson Bay thinking we would swim, dive. snorkel and fish, and the only weather we encountered was rain. Sorry didn't take photos of the rain - should have in hind sight!So we had to be inventive with our days.

We saw some brief blue sky and a rainbow. So we headed on a ferry trip, and the pouring rain held off.

Then of course another fishing trip in the rain.

Then finally on our last day we got parting clouds and substantial blue sky so we headed out for more fish.

Who would have thought?
Sorry pics aren't edited at all - no software to do so on this computer.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bring on the WEEKEND!

I have had a husband working late and weekends for a few weeks now - we have both had enough now! So my week has been a bit all over the place. I have been trying to keep my sanity but we all miss Dad and are getting very frazzled.
I have been scrapping and scrap lifting a lot. I am behind. Because I didn't scrap when I was pregnant with my second bub I am trying to catch up. I know most people would say don't bother, but I actually enjoy it. Mostly I have notes to work from that go with the photos and sometimes it is fun to just write a memory down with a photo of the era not necessarily the moment.
I just received my last lot of photos to scrap to be caught up or close too. There is a lot but they are so much fun to look at. I will share some as I get them done.
Below are some of my pages from October last year.

Sorry it is not wonky in real life. It is a lift of Di Herman's page 8.5 x 11 page called Winter. I am pleased how it turned out. The story is about our everyday jobs Kate and I often do on Friday's.

Next is just a photo I loved, capturing our time hanging in bed in the mornings.

Who doesn't love it when you can just hang out in bed in your jammies!Oh sorry it is a lift of Nicole's page and it is just stuck on a 12 x 12. I was really happy with how this came together. Love the colours and sometimes a direct copy just works. Last one for tonight. I have some more but it is getting smokey here and I have to check out where the local bush fires are, we back onto bush and are close to national park area too.

Not sure this photo does the page justice. I am really happy with this page and the colours. It is about how Katelin sleeps in a sleeping bag and she had just gotten concerned about where her feet go. Such a cute memory and I am sure she will think it is funny later on. This is a lift from Di, who I think lifted it from Nicole.
Anyway happy weekend - good one for indoors and scrapping in this heat.
Next post I will share a layout of my girls room and a canvas I have made for her.
Thanks for stopping by.