Saturday, June 19, 2010

Real paper and cutting

I am loving the speed of digital pages, however I have a hankering for cutting and sticking onto the page. So I enjoyed doing this double page spread which required a little more cutting and positioning. I really need to edit some photos and head to Harvey. Also I am out of photo paper to print at home.
These photos go with the I love page of two posts ago. It was just a day, and a little bit of time, but in light of recent times, these moments are a little more special at the moment. And I didn't think that was possible, because I already really try to treasure the simple. Anyway.
This first spread is a lift of Nicole's pages here. I need to put a title or something in the sky space on the left page, but I cant find my purple flowers or decide what to call it.
And they did seem straight in real life, I scanned these so not sure. My eye must be off skew compared to the computer. And here is Noah's page for the same day. I made my own template based on the CZ template Sharon used here. I really like the colours of this one, I would have liked the white border, but it printed a little too big, not sure why and I had to trim.
Thats all for today. I have filed these away. I need to get out some half done projects and finish them, but I am drawn to getting some more photos scrapped. I need to do some sewing too, we'll see which wins out!
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Portrait Page

After reading Amy's post here. Here is my attempt last year of the self portrait. Lee posted a challenge over at the Remember When blog and I had a go. I did get Andrew to take the picture after my few inside ones didn't work. Here's the shot.

And heres the page.
It is a lift of Di's here. I really loved hers.
Go try one for yourself. I know I need to update mine too. Oh I found this one, I took it in April for Week in the Life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scrapping makes me happy

So on Tuesday, usually my working day, I decided it was Me day. I did a few jobs but then gave myself permission to just do what I wanted, which was scrap. I haven't been able to find any time lately. So I just played around a bit. It really did make me happy. I enjoyed it. Especially the paper scrapping. It has been a while and it was lots of fun.
So here are the results. Not the best photography, its really rainy here today. Funny cause it was lovely and sunny and a little warmer than it has been yesterday.

Of course I had to do a page about Noah and Pop. It was good for me and Noah will love it. I used Ali Edwards' Week in the life templates. I am really pleased with how it turned out. And the pictures make me smile. It has been a little tough for Noah to understand, but he is doing well and happy to talk. He will have some amazing memories, and I hope this helps record a few more of them. I do have some older pics on the still to be scrapped pile.

Here is how I added the journalling. I used the long journaller I created, I need to trim the sleeve yet. I had a lot to say so there is journalling on both sides.

This next page is the first one I did, and I find I am a little rusty after a break so I wasn't overly happy with this one, it was originally a lift here. I loved the pages of Agata and Moon, then Nicole had a go too. My thinking cap was not on, so chop white from top add a strip down the side. Now I can be ok with this.

The last one I love and it is a lift of Di's. Her scrapping fairy finished it off. Thanks scrapping fairy, I really love the page.

This last one I did a while ago and I think I forgot to share. I really like this one, was back with all the other butterflies.
I am hoping to do a few more pages over the next few days. I have a few pic that need to be printed. I love pictures, words, paper and glue.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Memories

I have always been inspired to capture stories, and I especially love hearing the stories of my family and how they got to where they are today.
I loved Ali Edwards' Yesterday Today class and it inspired me to capture some stories sooner than I may have otherwise. I still haven't finished the album but I love working through it. I love that I captured this story of my Pop to share with my kids.
I am glad my this story is recorded. And I am glad this prompted me to gather some other stories. They are not all documented yet, but my Nan has written some down for me, and spent some time chatting to my Pop about their lives and the things I wanted to know.
I am glad because on Friday my Pop, Poppy Heckel as he was known passed away. He was 81 and he was unwell. However until the end he did things just as he wanted. Being in his own home, comfortable, looking after himself and happy. He knew he was loved and he looked forward to the routine and normal. And the day was routine and normal. Just as he wanted. Now he is resting and in peace.
I am glad for the life he had, and for the memories we have. I am happy for the time Noah got to share with him. He visited every second Friday and they both looked forward to it so much. I am greatful for all the stories I have to share with my children and for the time we had together.
I do worry for Noah but he is coping well and likes talking about Pop.
I am also greatful for all the pictures that have surfaced, and the stories that have come with them. 
Pop with my Mum as a baby

Pop having been fishing, now this is something I didn't know much of. He used to fish a lot with his Dad while in France. He taught Mum how to fish. I love that I can share this with Noah, who also loves to fish.
This is Pop working at Austral Bronze, where he worked until he retired.
Pop loved to build things, and he built this doll's house for me. It is a cherished memory fo mine. Noah loved to look through his shed and we have bought home some special tools for him.
Our family gathering for Pop's 80th birthday, which he was so suprised about, and later said it was one of the best days of his life. I think he was very greatful for the people there, especially since they were mostly my Nan's side of the family, and that he and Nan have been divorced for nearly 50 years. I am so proud that they still care for each other!
Pop on his 80th, the form guide and TAB tickets were never far away, he loved the horse races. 
And my boy with his Poppy Heckel (his great grandfather).

Au revoir grand-père, vous allez nous manquer
Good bye Pop, we will miss you