Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where I have been...

I have been very busy with my business and my sewing for Just like Katie. I have been enjoying it, but it is all consuming having your business at home. There are lots of little jobs to do, and I still get to have fun with the camera, I just don't have so much time to scrap the photos.
I will work on a little more balance, and give myself some time to do a page or two. There is so much going on. It is all the fun end of year stuff, we went to the Sydney Opera House, my big one is doing kindergarten orientation. And I do believe it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My favourite time of year.
So while JLK needed a Christmas photo shoot I took my models to the beach and had some fun, and so did they! I have just put them into a template, all there is time for at the moment, will get to printing some out soon.
There were many funny out takes too. I am looking forward to the end of the year,  wind down, time with friends and enjoying every little minute of the silly season.

Who can believe it is November tomorrow!