Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did I already share these?

I know I have a few pages stashed to share, but I can't remember which ones! Not sure if I have shown you these already.
Been a bit quiet over here, just adding photos to my flickr gallery for 365, and enjoying it. And being more selective about my stories, although I still have a few to share. I also need to take a little time and write some pages about Hills' Angels, I have been so busy doing I haven't been recording.

So this page is a template I made, lifting the design from a CZ one. I printed it out, mounted on good old craft and added an embelishment to the left of the title. I can't find a shot of it finished. It was a great story about Noah wanting to visit the Hog's Breath Cafe while on holidays. He had remembered from 12 months before.

This one is just one I got printed and added a few words. I really need to print them as it would look neater, but oh well. I did share the main template before. It is one Sharon sent me. I like it's versatitly.
 This last one is a cute photo I caught, love that the kids were playing together. I recorded some nice thoughts about then at the time.
I have been enjoying using templates as they are quick and get my story told before I forget, which is not like me but currently I can't remember as much as normal. So I love the right here and now of it.
I do feel that I need to go get some photos printed at Harvey so I can do a little conventional scrapping.
Will see how that pans out!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another quick page

So I am sure I have lots more to say, things I have been up to and some ideas, but for now I just thought I would pop in and share this page I did quickly today. I chopped a 12 x 12 AE template to suit, and added thickers where the hello title is, this is my digi version, I printed out and stuck on cardstock and the thickers in real life.
I want some time to scrap, and do pages on my Mum and her stories she has shared from her childhood. Some other ideas I have floating around, and some sewing.
I spent a lovely weekend with Hilarie and the girls, or most of them, Hil is almost radiating when she is with us, she gets so much from us. She is also being stopped in the street, she is famous after her Domestic Blitz episode! She is doing well at the moment. But things still go day to day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

365 - what does it mean to you?

I was slow to warm to this idea. At first I felt left out, I don't read many blogs so I didn't know what it was. Then I wasn't sure what I thought about taking a photo every day! I thought it would be so much pressure and as I have gone through the first two months of this year it has been on my mind.
I decided that maybe it would work for me. Little pieces of my everyday captured.
I am inspired by the way Ali Edwards has been putting together her 365, project life, using Becky Higgins kit. I have looked into it a little further and decided it could be simple enough for me to do.
Just photos, word from the journalling jotted on my flickr page.
The thing I think I like the most is there are some little stories captured, without having to do a whole page. Things I want to remember but aren't big enough for a whole page!
Here are a few shots and their words.
Copyright Bianca Allwood, Little Branch Photography.
February 25th ....This gorgeous photo of us was taken by Bianca at our A Current Affair interview. Hil looks great and we are radiating pink! We love Hil!
March 1st ....We had some quiet time today we sat and played picnics had some lunch and watched Island Princess for the first time in a long time. You set up the picnic on your own. It was nice to just hang together.
March 2nd .... Mum and I took a trip to the trade fair in Sydney. It was fun to look at all that stuff together and I like that we chatted about her when she was little, how adored she was by Pappar, how he looked after her, left her picking bluebells and things about when she was little and her family. Love learning these stories. Taken with iphone
March 3rd .... Fairy juice for my girl! This morning we had no juice. You were excited to do the groceries after your trip to the chiropractor, so as a treat I said you could have a juice (to put some magnesium in) and I started reading you the flavours and you said the fairy one mum! Of course, love how you see things! Taken with iphone. Think this might be a 3 x 2 shot.What are your thoughts?

By the way, I do have photos for most of the days I missed, and a few others I can slot it. Perhaps Jan and Feb will only have two weeks each. Currently I am working backwards.
And what is with this weather, the first of March seemed to signal a cold snap here - Summer you can linger a little longer, we don't need 20 degree temps on the first day of Autumn!
Finally I have to say that Hilarie just shone on our episode of Domestic Blitz, I am just so proud and hounoured to be a part of her life!