Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcakes, cooking and 3 year olds!

Here it is, a glimpse of Kate's party tomorrow. All I have time for. The scene is set, cupcake decorating, and a lolly bar type catering, with some healthy options. I have chatted to Sharon and Amy about tags, and learned how to draw dotty circles! Love Google!
There will be a pettiskirt and lovely pink accessories, perfect for a girly girl who turns three. I loved the decorating and had some fun. The kids will take home little aprons, cupcakes they decorate and their bags contain a cookie cutter, mini tongs and mini spatula. So much more fun than lollies!
Will report in soon. My baby will be 3 next time I do.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesdays part two

So the afternoon was a bit rushed and I ended up a little frayed. I think everyone is very tired here.
 3.50pm Groceries and unpacking, always fun. I didn't do it straight away so Kate could get a good sleep. It worked thankfully. So late unpacking.
3.52pm Whipping up the cupcakes I promised Katie. In a hurry to get Noah from pre school.
 4.24pm The donuts Noah asked for yesterday. When he got home he noticed them and he came over to me and said thanks Mummy for getting me the donuts. It made me feel so happy.
 4.25pm Decorations we bought for Kate's party, I am hoping these will make it easy and fun. We are going to try some out on the cupcakes we made. Didn't happen tonight.
4.29pm Putting my veges into their Tupperware containers to keep them fresh. I don't always make the time to this and my last weeks veges felt it, they were limp and soggy. So I need to make the effort more often.
4.35pm Noah is supposed to be collected at 4.30pm, I was late heading out and these jobs I needed to do on the way. Bank my cheque and post Ruby's invite to Kate's party.
4.47pm Posting Ruby's invite. After banking the cheque.
5.07pm. After picking up Noah from pre school, we headed to get petrol. Stevie one of the girls wore her pop over skirt today and a couple of the teachers want some, so maybe I will have a few sales. Yay! There was a que at the petrol station because it was after work time and Anzac weekend is coming up so prices will be high. I filled up just  in case.
We came home and the kids watched some Curious George while I prepared the dinner. I worked on a few meals at once. I was preparing rissotto and it takes time to cook. So I made some rice patties to freeze and a quiche, not sure if I will freeze this or eat it in the next few days. The cooking was good. The kids a little whiny.
Dinner did not go well. Everyone was tired, the kids didn't eat and ended up being sent to bed, they ate their chicken, no rice. Noah complained and cried, he seems to be very over tired.
Kate was just mucking around not sure why, something about not liking the taste of the rice. 
7.03pm Noah asleep after he said he would stay awake all night because we wouldn't read him a story. The no storywas because of the not eating dinner and being cranky about being asked to go to his room. You can still see th cross look on his face, but he was so tired it was only abou 5 minutes after I put him to bed.
7.07pm Kate and her stalling tactics, she had a sleep so she is always harder to get to bed. I remember having the same issues with Noah. So this is her going to use our toilet, not the one close to her, or the potty in her room. She has the stool and her moo cow torch as it was dark and she needed to turn the light on. Of course the flash made it lighter. She frustrates me with the stalling tactics, but they are often very cute, I love the stool and the torch, such forward thinking!
7.18pm So after getting the washing off in the dark I am folding it. I really dislike no daylight savings. Some washing done, more tomorrow. Our line doesn't get much sun so I try to do one load a day. Wednesday is washing day as Noah is at school. I find it easier. When it is school next year I think I will have to change, school uniforms will need more washing.
So Kate didn't go to sleep until after 8, and I am sitting here blogging my day. I will be glad I did it to refer back to, but I really would like to get on and do some pages. Not quite the night I thought it would be, I figured cupcake decorating would be fun. But when do things go to plan? Not often with the kids around.
It was a lovely day all round though. I hope everyone gets a good nights sleep and wakes up happy.

Week in the life, photos and words Wednesday

So amongst a few other biggish projects I am trying to fit into this week, I thought I'd play along with Ali's Week in the life. I have decided I will just use her templates, so I can get on and get it done this week. Otherwise I won't finish it. I'm going to print out some of the cards and take them with me tomorrow.
Each day has a different focus for me.
Monday was working out my rhythm, taking photos and making notes.
Tuesday was snapping photos of the moments I wanted to write about, to help jog my memory.
Today is kind of a time line, I wanted to write down more time slots. I am failing so far. But my plan is to use the picture time stamps, mental note, forgot to change time over when daylight savings changed so it's an hr out. 
6.52am Good Morning Kisses. Kate finally slept or stayed in bed till almost 7 am. Hasn't happened since daylight savings changed back. I heard her earlier but she either laid in bed or dozed.
7am. Noah in to report he has packed away this toys and made his bed. I love when he greets me like this. 
7.30 am I had a shower and left the kids in bed to watch the telly. I enjoyed the quiet, although Kate is quite whiny about her toe, it is really sore. Dressed I took my photo, I wish there was time in the morning to do my hair but no. I also want to record my necklace, I love it, my family close to my heart.

7.50am Vitamins for Noah, he is loving them and I love he wants to take them.

I already recorded making my bed, so made bed and sent the kids out to get breakfast.

7.53am Kate's getting her own breakfast, plain weet bix with milk in a spinning bowl.

7.56am Noah getting the banana for his breakfast, apricot weet bix bites with banana no milk.

So while the kids sat and ate breakfast I put on a load of washing, tidied the kids rooms, made beds, put away clothes swept out the laundry. That took me till 8.30am where I got the kids dressed ate a bowl of cereal and put away the breakfast dishes and toys. The kids put their jammies in their rooms. Finally we headed out the door to pre school at 9am. Late. I wasn't happy but there was lots to be done. I think I missed a few jobs.
I asked Kate to get dressed and she said I can't, I can't do my bow up, I was amazed she could work out the outfit had a bow. She said ok in a minute.
Need to do the groceries today. No fruit in the bowl.
So with a shopping list in tow, I told Noah we were running late and we didn't have time to play at pre school today. He was happy with that. He did ask for donuts after pre school yesterday, so they are on my list. He will be happy.
9.30 Leaving pre school to do the groceries.

Things seem to be quite slow today with Kate in tow, I wanted to get more done, but the hours drifted away from me. 10am at the Deli, the girls know her and that she likes to press the button and pay for the meat. We had already been to the chemist and the butcher. I would have liked to take more shots, like Kate giving the chemist the toe powder to pay for but it takes time, and I didn't like holding people up.

10.10am The fruit shop, and eating devon she picked form the deli.
We need to note I like to buy my meat from the butcher and my fruit and veg from the green grocer/fruit shop. So after this we loaded the shopping in the car and drove to the other end of the centre to do the groceries in Wooloworths. I am not a big fan of Coles (right next to the butcher) although I will shop there sometimes.
We did the groceries in Woolies, got the things from our list, some snacks for lunch, squeezie youghurt and cheese and bacon rolls. We focused on buying some decorations for Katelins cupcake and cookie decorating party. She had fun choosing the decorations.
We loaded the groceries in and rang Aunty Trace to see if we could call in and do the Hills' Angels cheques for her.
She was very pleased to see us and it was a great help to her for us to do the cheques. We called in at 11.45am. It took longer than I wanted doing the cheques as I didn't get Kate into bed until  12.40pm after we had bought the groceries in. I was aiming for 12.

1.37pm The sore toe is posing a problem, at most bed times it seems to hurt, it is quite sore, with a chunk of skin off. So we put on the new powder we bought and off she went.  Kate took the photo.
Kate only sleeps roughly every second day now, and there was no nap at pre school yesterday. If I am too late getting her in bed she won't sleep even though she is so over tired. I also have to bribe her to go straight to sleep, with an activity we will do when she wakes. Today it was cooking cupcakes to practise. It worked, she was asleep before 1pm.
I haven't take any photos, but I have sat in front of the laptop until she woke again at 3.17pm. A nice nap. She told me she woke to do a wee. It could have been an even longer nap if not for the wee.
I checked emails for Just Like Katie, excitingly there was an email question about a dress. Not so exciting, they wanted to sell my stuff. I don't think so yet. Bit of blog reading getting my game plan for Week in the life. 
Chat with Linda about Group tomorrow, the plan, Hillie as always, Susies baby tomorrow, the kids group birthday party. Always so many things going on. I am still making a list of things for Kates party, which is only a week and a half away. My baby will be 3 sigh.
Kate is awake now. Watching telly while I finish my post. We are going to cook cupcakes and unpack the groceries then get Noah.
More later.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A few pages.

I have been finishing of a few things, like a couple of pages I need to print and mount and the pages about the Easter show. I still want to do a blog post about it too.
So last week my new camera finally arrived, just in time for the show. Please forgive these shots, still working out the camera, and its so small I can't tell when its at right angles to the page. So they are a little wonky.
I also haven't been to get any photos printed so it seems I am in template mode still, but it is fun.
This LO has been sitting for a while waiting for me to finish it, it is the story of the kids looking for echos to record. Pre school sent home a tape recorder for them to record so they could use it at news at pre school. This is Kates page, sorry it is really straight. It is a lift of a CZ lo she shared over here. Sorry it's the best link I could find. Seems the pages aren't in the gallery any more.
Here is Noah's page, same story. It is an CZ template found here.
 I have used it a bit lately and it is very versatile.
Onto my Easter Show LO's now, sorry Noah's is blury and I have packed it away now, so I will add the original file so you can see it. Love using up old bits. Hello ribbon, haven't seen you for a while, but it is good to use you up!

And I am loving Katelin's page, think it is the colours. I am using their clothes for inspiration at the moment.
 And those butterflies I traced and cut by hand. I really need a punch! Yes on the echo page too. Crazy I know. Also I tried opening a template and moving the title into my own template. It worked fine, this one is from my newly aquired AE template from here, and I used here. Just a little tip I was happy worked and thought might give you some different ideas.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I think I still remember how to post....

So a few of the blogs I frequent the girls have been taking a break. I totally get that at the moment. I didn't realise it had been so long since I posted. I aim to do some brief posts sharing my pages. I am trying to get th stories down quickly, so they are still fresh. There are a couple of stories I need to blog also, like our trip to the Easter show this year (I took my husband with me this time). And a gorgoeus little garden Hilaire and her family made for us at a local park.
With so much going on at the moment, I try to carve out time for Hilarie and sharing special moments, and there are still things we are working on for her. In some ways I feel my life is back in the spring of 2009, when the Hills' Angels stuff really kicked off I feel my own life got put on hold in ways. So I am glad that I have a few blog posts to refer back to. On a side note, I would really love to do a few Hills' Angels pages. Since I seem to be stuck in 2009, I have been spring cleaning, getting rid of the clutter in my house, while you can't see it, there is still more than I realised! It has made me feel better and it is helping me to get a little more organised in some ways, and it just makes me feel slightly calmer.
So I read Ali Edwards post on Easter here, and I decided I would get in and do mine too. I used her template from here. I also really want to churn out some pages on the Easter show, and Kate giving up her bottles too.
Here are my pages, not quite happy with the titles, not what was in my head, wish we could print 12x12.
Love the photos and the story though.
Hope your Easter was fun.