Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashion concious at 2?!?!

Katelin on the edge of Sydney habour

I love birthday's and celebrating with my family is always special. This year my birthday fell on a Saturday and I thought it would be fun to head into the city. So after much protest and tantrums about various things, I was careful to choose my battles.

I had layed out jeans a white t and cute little vintage dress to wear over the top for Katelin. I got the base layers on and went to put her dress on, she usually likes to wear this one. She said to me no, tomorrow Mummy and picked it up and took it back to her room. At this point I must say she is usually happy to wear what ever I dress her in. So once in her room she opens her wardrobe and said that one, her tutu my Mum has made for her. I said what about the dress and the reply was tutu on Mummy. So I said ok, thinking to myself how can I make this work. We put on the tutu and I looked into her draws, I found a cute little red singlet top (had been a hand me down from a friend) and thought this could work.

So once dressed in a passable outfit, I did acutally think it looked pretty cute, we were ready to leave. Next negotiate the car seat and belt full of tutu, tricky but it worked - so not up for another fight before we left!

On arrival there had been a slight accident on the way and the jeans were then removed from the outfit, hey presto, Katelin as you see her in the photo above. So we walked around Sydney getting many lovely comments about how adorable Katelin was looking and that only someone small could pull off the tutu so well.

As the comments increased I said to Andrew, I am going to have to do a page about this 'Katelin causes a stir in Sydney' starting with the determination and the comments and the fact that in the end as much as she was shy I think she was also proud of her clothing choice and the attention.

Even Andrew commented about how many people stopped and talked about the tutu, it really turned out to be an important part of the day, funny how things like that happen. So I made sure that I got a few pics of her that I could use them on a page. We did finally convince her to take the tutu off in the car on the way home and it was a lovely part of the day. By the evening as I went out to dinner with my husband and friends the story was a funny one and everyone related all having small kids of their own.

Gotta love individual style and the ability to express it even at 2!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A photo collage

Well I have been enjoying the odd photo collage lately. But I actually just recently watched Cathy Z's tutorial on ALi Edwards blog here. It was great to actually see someone use photoshop correctly and for me to learn how to do a few actions rather than make it up as I go.
Here is the page I created.

So I have not quite worked out how I will print it I am thinking print and trim the pictures and then run a sheet of bazzill through the printer for the journalling. What do you think?

It was fun and it will be so much quicker next time.

Enjoy this fabulous sun we are having around Sydney way at the moment!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2007 is over ...... Oh you already knew that?

I can say with a small exception (some fav photos that can only be scrapped when I am feeling very inspired or they turn into a flop) I have finished 2007. Such a great feeling for me - I am all about catching up, mostly just on some fav photos and the stories I have jotted down along the way. In the last 6 months I have filled away 2006 and now 2007 as well. Yippee! I am now going to scrap current photos - ie the last few months of 2009. I am leaving 2008 filed away half done at the moment I feel I need to move into the here and now to be more inspired and to record what is happening right now.
I must also say that while playing catch up I am not very inventive, I prefer to churn the pages out quickly so my pages are usually lifts of other pages I have seen or of my own. I find it quite quick to lift a page of my own since I keep my journalling and can just type over it. Onto my first page.
This one I was not too happy with when it came together, not as it was in my head but as I look at it now, I like it a lot more than a couple of days ago. It is lifted from Nicole here. The shots are some we took after we got home from a professional shoot. The same can be said of the next page, and yes I changed Katelin's top.
Is this page yelling at you? Perhaps it is just me and I seem to be doing a bit of yelling here, and I haven't done such a bright page for a while. It looked a little scary as it was coming together but now it is done I am quite happy with it. I lifted it from a challenge over at WCS, I am loving seeing other pages - so many different styles, I like to take a little idea or two and make it work for me. I tend to tone alot down.
Finally a couple of LO's about Noah - it seems I must have scrapped Noah a bit more as I was going along, I seemed more behind with Katelin in 2007. This first one didn't end up quite as I thought it would but I am happy with it and oh the pen makes it so much faster to get a LO finished - even if I am not that fond of my handwriting. The only thing I miss is getting the text exactly where you want it with the computer, I am not that great a judge in case you can't tell by my photos of my pages, they are always just a little off. And it is a lift from Nicole, a page called Holly - another that has been around a while not sure where it was originally posted.

This last one is a favourite, it is an old LO of Nicole's not sure where it was posted, it is an old one it was called Really Great Buds, and this is actually a lift of my own page if you get my drift and it has changed a little to suit my needs. Am loving the colours and how it turned out. Am filing away my pages now and off to do some editing, can't wait to get to some recent stuff but must make a trip to Harvey first! Happy Wednesday! Oh by the way do my pics look blury ir is it just me - something has happened and when I view my own blog things don't look right?!?!?

Friday, July 10, 2009

For Today

Right now, my baby girl is sleeping

Loved this idea from Ali Edwards' blog.

July 10th, 2009

Outside my window...
my magnolia is blowning in the breeze

I am thinking...about making an owl for Noah, thinking of ideas for a new business - looking for my passion

I am thankful for...everyday moments with my family being in the moment and loving time together, doing nothing in particular

From the kitchen...chicken for dinner - I have not decided how yet - it is cold put so something warm

I am wearing...tights, white top grey cardi and long boots and hot pink scarf.

I am Toot's and finishing pages of 2007.

I am finish the folding and do the ironing - BEFORE the weekend starts!

I am reading...I am trying to get a copy of My Sisters Keeper before it is released at the movies

I am hoping...for a weekend of glorious weather and time with family to enjoy

I am hearing...Oprah playing in the background as I type, wish it was an episode I hadn't already seen

Around the half finished scrap pages sit on my dining table, folded washing on the coffee table and some socks and thread on the buffet waiting to become owls.

One of my favorite seeing that gorgeous little face sleeping in such a big bed. Picnic dinner in the lounge room watching a movie with the kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week... swimming lessons tomorrow lunch with family, Sunday a bike ride with friends, Monday pre school, Tuesday groceries, Wednesday no plans, Thursday amazement with friends, Friday ballet.

Enjoy your weekend, what ever you are doing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A crafty adventure

Hi all, I am still here. I wish I could just work out how to get the posts from my brain onto the computer by just thinking - think I could make a bit of money if I did :)!
Anyway thought I would share what I have been up too. I am having a kind of break from scrapping - think I have been putting to much pressure on myself to get some catching up done.

So back to my adventure, I mentioned before I have sold things at a baby markets. They also hold a market to sell new things every once and a while and I have been wanting to go for ages, we always seem to have something on when it is on. This time not so my little girl and I headed on a road trip to Sydney, took about an hour to get to Mathilda's market.

I had a lovely time looking at all the delicious goodies they had to share. I must say I was also very restrained! Not too much purchasing :)

I bought a couple of nice clothing pieces, I haven't taken photos of Katelin in them yet. I will share what I got though. I bought this nice skirt from here. Sorry you will have to go have a look, I don't want to borrow their photos. They don't have a picture of the exact fabric I got either. I also really loved the reversible denim pinafore but they didn't have any in Katelin's size.

I also got a cute little summer dress, which we are wearing at the moment with jeans and a white long sleeve t shirt underneath. It came from here. I got the first one the aqua dress. Katelin is loving it, and if you have a smaller person you can get cute little bloomers too!

Onto my change of pace, I bought this too.

It is a kit to make an owl out of a sock! I thought these little fellows were adorable and had to bring one home - now I have the pattern and I can make more. Looks like I will be as Noah has taken a liking to Katelin's one. You can see them here.
So it took a few hours, but I have finished my little fellow, I guess it is a girl since she is pink, her name is Toot!

This is Toot finished and I made her all on my own! She is so cute and Katelin loves her. They have other animals to make over at Craft Schmaft.

Onto a couple of LO's to share. I have done a few pages lately, both lifts of Nicole's one is a fav and I have used it a few times now.

Sorry about my lousy photo taking skills I can't seem to keep the camera straight at the moment. Hope you see some inspiration and Happy crafting!