Friday, May 21, 2010

Its not all fun and games

So the fun if digital pages has a down side. I spent a few hours this afternoon putting my digital pages together. Type A again, can't cope so well with only being able to print A4 and it being slightly too small for the 8.5 x 11 sleeves. So I feel the need to mount my pages. Today I printed out the last few I have made and got them all sorted out and ready to put into the albums.
This is almost the end. I have packed away my papers and the printing is done. It is satisfying getting them all done and into the albums, but the fun part is done the page is already mostly together. Sounds like I'm whining. I would have much prefered to be making some new pages. Perhaps I am not proficient at this process.
Almost all finished. I do love a pile of completed pages.
I also printed out these sneak peeks, so I have them ready to scrap. I think these will go on pages in my album, talking about the little details for the parties that I really enjoyed doing.
Here are Katie's party pages printed out, I had to mount them on cardstock so they were the correct size. I know. The printer also doesn't like to help me so it either chops some off or makes it smaller on the page so it ends up even smaller than close to 8.5 x 11. I am happy with how it turned out. Sorry about the photos. It rained here this afternoon, so you have reflection from my lights, and a very dark room. It's the best i could get.
Here's the journalling for the page. As I mentioned before I used Ali Edwards' Week in the life templates. Well I also used her idea of a long journaller to get the story down. If you haven't worked yet I have a lot to say.
The other side.
 I also did these pages the other day, catpuring the presents the kids recieved and who from. I think it's important to remember who gave you what and be greatful for those things. I have also found my kids really like looking at these pictures and picking out their favourite things even if they are from years before.
So I printed these and mounted them and put them in the album too. I also like to date my pages with a pencil on the back just so I know. I did this too, filed them all away, in rough order. Sometimes they get a little jumbled if there is a hole to be filled. I also had a flick through the pages I have done for this year. That was fun, there's a lof of favourites. And Kate had more pages than Noah. Not sure why that is. Maybe because she is at home with me more?
It's a good weekend for scrapping here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shamlessly Lifted

So I haven't scrapped in a while and I had a small window to do so today. I have been over at Amy's blog admiring her handy work. I have also talked in the last few days about a few stories I wanted to get down.
The first being Katelin and her modeling clothes for me. She has been very accomodating, but also worked out quickly that she could be demanding too. She still makes the cutest little model. And when I say Amy's page I knew it would work.

So I think the plan is to print out the white bit and mount it on cardstock. Will see how it prints out. Think I will round the corners too. Love how quick it is to get the pages out digitally.
The second page is also a lift from Amy. I just said to my husband the other day I must scrap how well Noah goes to bed now, he just turns out his light and off he goes. So when I saw the Blink page which has been a favourite of mine since I saw it in Cathy Z's book I knew it was perfect. As I had long wanted to scrap a page about Noah and how hard he was to get to bed for a while there. Two birds with one stone.

The same goes here print and mount. Will report how they turn out. Not sure I have any red left.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Noah turns 5, Luna Park

Well post 101 is not it either. I do plan to have something exciting and fun but it is not yet done, and I need to blog about Noah's birthday, so maybe next time.
On Saturday 15th May Noah turned 5, (at 9.40am to be precise). Our morning started at 6.40am with Kate arriving in our bed, we had been up most of the night before with a virus and cleaning up vomit. (LOL Di you would have been impressed, amazing what Mummies can do). So we were a bit tired. Then we heard Noah up and playing so we went to suprise him with the video camera and say Happy Birthday. He replied with I am five now. We opened some presents first.
Noah was not really up to posing and although I got a few good ones, this is more him. Funny boy.
He has been asking for a while for a few presents, mostly legos and a scooter, although I think he forgot about the scooter.
This captures his excitment at finding his scooter, although Kate almost spilled the secret several times, thankfully she doesn't say scooter so clearly. She doen't quite understand the secret concept yet. And having been sick I had to take her with me to the shop. I ran out of days without her.
Kate has been so amazing at understanding it is not her birthday any more and letting Noah enjoy his day. Actually I am sp proud of both of them being able to enjoy each others special day without wanting the attention for themseleves. Perhaps I have taught them something? She enjoyed helping Noah and revelling in his suprise and joy.
Noah's stash of presents. A sound activated bug, an MP3 player, a Zip it Pocket Pal for special treasures (another post about this), some books, new space ship sheets, Star Wars Lego, a remote control robot he had to asemble, a curious George DVD a hungry catepillar game, a robot apron and the scooter.
A quick zoom around the room. I love that Noah is in focus and the room is a blur!

Although he would have loved to stay and play with the toys Noah remembered about Luna Park and was excited the day had arrived he was happy enough to go watch his new DVD and eat breakfast. I managed to get them eating while we got ready and packed the car. Then we got them dressed and headed out. (Side note Kate was not dressed in her best clothes in case she was sick on the trip. She kept down breakfast and seemed well when we left.
After a grumpy car trip, I think Noah was a bit tired and possibly hungry as he didn't eat much. He spent a lot of the trip complaining and threatening us, saying it is our choice and he will tell his friends to go home if we didn't let him do ...... insert what ever unreasonable request you can think of. Finally we made it right on 11am. It took a while to get out of the car and head in. The view was spectacular, and the excitment high.
Of course their had to be a shot of us out the front. I did want all the guests but they were inside and itching to go on rides. There is only so many photos one can push for.
This is us little ants (or should I say monkey) up closer.
I did try again inside. The guests were all over the shop and mesmerised by the sights. And the boy was not fully over the grumps yet. This was just after all the kids had been measured (you get a different ticket for different heights) to work out what rides they could go on. They were itching to get going. After this they all hit the carosel.
And then of course the Ferris Wheel. I wanted to go on with my boy, Katelin and Rosie, but they wouldn't let three adults and 3 kids on so they went with 'Uncle' Dave and Naomi and I went on our own. Very nice actually to enjoy the view. So this is my boy and Rosie poking their heads out.
The funny mirrors were a huge hit, and this is about where Noah's mood lightened. He loved moving around and looking at the different things that happened. I had to pick him up for him to get the full effect but they were funny and Noah was laughing his head off. There was also a very flattering one which made you look very skinny. I liked that one a lot.
A break for some snacks from the fuel box. It was nearing lunch time now and the excitement was still high, trying to work out which rides they were going on next. Noah wanted to go on the roller coaster, the Wild Mouse and Rosie was happy to go too, they had to go with an adult. Katie was too short to go on, there was a small tantrum and some diversion required. That was about the only time most of the other rides she could go on or didn't want too. It was hard to say she's to short, we were creative about out excuses.
Noah and Daddy on the Wild Mouse at the start ready to go. Andrew said he was petrified at the start, Daddy had to hold on tight. It didn't last long. He wanted to go on again! He went straight back on it.
There was a walk past the dodgem cars, and a decision they were too bumpy from Rose while Noah was on the Mouse again. Then we headed into Coney Island. I was so pleased that the kids thought it was all great fun in there. I could have stayed there all day, I love history of things like that, and I was in awe of the rides and art that was put there in 1935, and the preservation efforts they have gone too. There was some amazing ingenuity from the people making the rides with the resources available. And that kids 75 years later got as much delight! 
After Coney Island we decided it was time to head out for our picnic lunch. Everyone gathered their food and we met under the Northern pillons of the Sydeny Harbour bridge. It was a lovely location. A little windy though. We atem the kids ran around. Noah opened his presents.
They climbed all over this anchor, and ended up with rust flakes in theri hair. It took an hour or two to work out what it was.
Yes I made a Wall E cake, and transported it, I remembered the candles and the lighter. Only I wasn't allowed to stick any candles in Wall E, I had to hold one for Noah to blow out!
Although he was quite happy to cut him up. And he wanted to eat a whole eye. This was good considering it was much smaller than the entire robot head he ate last year. And I got him to eat it with a fork and he only ate half! I was please after the mini meltdown he recovered well and was civilised! 

While we were picnicing, we say a wedding and the kids went to say congratulations. Then we heard the helicopters hovering and worked out something might be happening soon. It turned out Jessica Watson was late arriving and she decided to coincide it nicely with our lunch. So we stood and watched pointing to each other the tiny glimpses of pink we were seeing. It really was like a needle in a hay stack such a tiny pink boat surrounded by hge ones. It was a spectacle though the kids loved the water spurts from the boats and the boats sounding their horns. We were there, we saw it. And then we headed in for some more rides.
Now Andrew assures me, there is a pink boat in this shot. I have to take his word for it.
Another shot of the mirrors, what I was really trying to capture was Noah and Noah walking around reading their maps together trying to decide what they were off to next. It was an adorable sight! Noah couldn't resist pulling his shirt up and check out his tummy again. I love the excitement of his feet being in mid jump! Steph can you see the pocket pal?
The map readers guided us to the back of the park and the kids section. This is where all the rides are little enough for even the smallest ticket holder to go on on their own. And I must say this bought much excitement on many levels. The choice was theirs, they had to que up on their own and decided where they wanted to sit. It was really fun to watch. This was the first ride, Noah Rose and Kate all went on, I made them look after Kate, after that she had the confidence to go on things on her own.

There was a small melt down over sharing Rose, the birthday boy wanted to fly with Rose and I had asked Rose to look after Kate. So Rose hoped off and qued up again with a slightly happier Noah. When she got off she said that ride was much better Noah wasn't crying! She is so compasionate!
This was the first ride I went on just because I wanted too, and I got to go on with my best friend. It really was a lot of fun and I love the shot. Think I'll have to use it to do a page about us. While we were on this ride we watched the Daddy's with the kids, and we saw that Noah Evans, Rose and Kate were all on the mini Ferris Wheel, we thought this was so cute. I didn't know Noah was having a meltdown about wanting to go on the ride I was on with me. Andrew and I decided it might have been a little rough for him, even though he was allowed to go on. Andrew talked him into the dodgem cars so the headed off. The kids had a few more goes on the small rides before we left.
The que for the dodgems was long so we took the girls down to the carousel for one last ride. It was nice and I love this pic Dave took of Kate and I. Kate's favourite ride was the horsey's and the little cars. We headed over to the Ferris Wheel for the last ride, the sun was going down now and it was getting cool. The wind was strong off the harbour up to the Wheel but the view was stunning!
Look at that view! While we were on this ride Noah and Andrew returned from the dodgems, which Andrew reported Noah loved, he insisted on driving and bumping into as much as he could driving pretty much on full lock the whole time! We were on the Ferris Wheel for quite a while, Noah talked Andrew into one last ride on the Wild Mouse! I really wish I had gone on there with Noah, but the day just got away from us, and I didn't go on many rides at all.
The view of the harbour
The view of the park.
Almost the end of the day here and a family shot with Luna Bob and Luna Belle. I am saying something about Noah not looking. He wasn't much up for photos all day.  I took the video camera too but would you believe I forgot to get it out. It was a really busy day! If you look closely you can see the pocket pal again here. It collected a rock from the park.
We got ready to head out then Kate was tired. We did a toilet stop for the trip home, and one last ride on the carousel as a family. We headed to the car then. Put PJ's on the kids, gave them a cheese breadroll and headed home, at about 6pm. Kate fell asleep by the second corner, with her earphones still on. Noah decided he liked the 'Goodnight Song' I've got a feeling The Blackeyed Peas, and he bopped along for a while before nodding off. The next day Noah recounted the day excitedly saying his favourite ride was the roller coaster which he went on THREE times!
When he awoke the next morning he was so excited to check out his toys and we spent the morning and the next two days building Lego, but thats another post. I am pretty sure my boy will remember turning 5. If not I took heaps of photos! He has already asked when we can go again. He thought as long as he had his ticket he could go back. If only!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sneak Peek again and 100th post.

So there is no creativity and nothing exciting going on for post 100. Maybe for 101? You'll have to wait and see.
I just wanted to pop in and show you what I have been up to for Noah's birthday. Which is tomorrow. I have had the flu/chest infection for the last two weeks so I haven't been up to much.
The plan for Noah's party is a trip to Luna Park. I checked with the few parents before and then Noah chose what he wanted to do. He didn't really understand until we saw it on the tv a few days ago. After that he got very excited and he asked me the other morning when his birthday was, we recounted the things that would happen this week before his birthday and his little eyes were so wide with excitment when he talked about the ferris wheel and all the other rides and that he could go on them more than once. I can't wait to take him.

So here is the peek. I have the presents all wrapped and ready to go. I should mention, tomorrow is his actual birthday. So we have presents in the morning then pack up and head to the park, which is about an hour and a half drive. So organisation is the key. We have asked everyone to pack their own picnic lunch, we will hit the rides and then some lunch and cake, yess I have packed the plates and the candles and the matches. I am off to make a Wall E cake next. Some of Noah's presents of course it includes lego of the Star Wars variety, funny cause he doesn't really know what Star Wars is, it's just the space ship thing.
I have packed little snack boxes for them, instead of lolly bags. They have a popper, cheese, fruit shapes and a tooth holder for lost teeth, an LCM bar and yoghurt sipper. I hope they like them and have a load of fun.
Oh did I mention that Jessica Watson is planning on sailing into the harbour right at 11am, (Luna Park is on the harbour for those who don't know). I couldn't have planned better if I tried, she was due last week. Oh well, will be a big day in the city. I am sure Noah will have a ball.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Katelin's Birthday

Here are a few of the photos I have put together for Kate's birthday. I have used Ali Edwards' Week in the life templates.
I still have so many photos. I think I might put together a page for me about the decorating and all the details. I did enjoy. I also think perhaps one of Kate with her scooter, and one with her twirling in her skirt.
Not sure on my plans for the journalling here yet. Or the printing. I may print and mount on cardstock, as my printer can't print 8.5x11. And not sure if I will keep the digi paper or add real.
I plan to either pop back with some notes or do a new post with some more decorating pics and a story of the day. Kate is still sleeping (yes it is late 5.20pm to be precise) after a huge day and two days with no nap she really needs it.