Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cleaner =Calmer x 2

I had planned to redo Miss almost four’s wardrobe too. I wanted to do it today, and perhaps I wouldn’t have but for the request of a very sweet four year old we recently met. This is for you, especially after you showed us your room so graciously when we visited.
And thank you, there would still be a mountain of clothes on the rocking chair if it wasn’t for your request.
I had already tidied most of Miss 3’s room. The wardrobe got unorganised and a vast mountain of clothes grew.
I have long wanted to take a pick of all the beautiful clothes in Miss 3’s wardrobe, especially the beautiful selection of handmade dresses, of which I am very proud. I shall have to take a slightly more arty photo to scrap when there is a little more light and we are not doing the mad dash out the door to swimming lessons. I should say that I am typing while at swimming lessons, something must be crammed into every last second, especially with these school days eating into my time!

Miss 3 happens to have the bigger wardrobe (and way more clothes I might add) so her’s is also storage, hence all the containers.

Anyway here are a few more pics of her room, just so the lovely four year old can see around it. Not much has changed since we moved Miss 3 to the big bed, just mostly the toys have been upgraded for more current ones.

And perhaps I was not as productive as I could have been because after reading groups at school I spent 3 hours getting this done! I am happy and it was fun to spend time on me, but by the time I made it home it was almost school pick up time, and I had so many more things on my list today. Oh well there is always tomorrow!


  1. Spoken in the softest voice, a mere whisper .... "Ohhhh, it is pretty, ohhhhh, I like her toys, ohhhhh can you go up so I can see the next picture?"

    Let's just say that one is in awe, such a difference to her own living quarters! Is that an Ikea expedit I spy? I'm thinking of getting them for both their rooms - do you recommend?

  2. I forgot - love the hair :-)