Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clean = Calm

I know sounds a little corny? It does though. Since Christmas time I have been wanting to clean out Mr 5's room out. It wasn't too bad early on, but as less things had proper homes, the worse it got. And I found it rather stressful to have to try to operate in there (help me when he is a teenager!).
There was just general stuff everywhere and he was less inclined to put the things that did have a home in their place. We even misplaced a few of the DS games, there was a stern talking to about that, and the responsibility that comes with such things. The DS and all its paraphernalia now has its own special home.
Here is a before shot, this was after I had done some work (the Lego in the corner of the cupboard had been tidied already).

And the after. I am feeling calmer just looking at these pics. There is still work to do, a few more things could go, and there are some Lego's to be sorted. But this is as much as school time would allow. I had to go get Mr 5 from school so I had to be done by then. And he would have had something to say about my removing some of his things.
Mostly they were things he had outgrown, and won't remember, out of sight out of mind - but if they had become in sight, there would be a renewed love! I am also hoping that the clean out will give more appreciation of the things he has and the way to look after them. There is a rather expensive present headed his way for his birthday, another bargain Lego purchase, so I would like to encourage looking after of his current toys, and putting them back in their places. That said, he is usually really good with his things.
I am also contemplating pocket money and extra jobs around the house to earn it. He has jobs already, that are just because we are part of a family and we work together and we all help. But with going to school and the need for more spending money, now may be the time. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. I can't wait for our two to have their own spaces again for this reason - there is stuff everywhere here! You have done a great job, I am contemplating something like the ikea expedit shelving systems for their rooms with tubs in each cubby - not sure yet but it is a possibility.

    After a lot of thought, we went with pocket money is pocket money and extra jobs are not required. Both of the children are expected to help out whenever asked and they have every day jobs too - make beds and tidy up etc. We went with this system because we thought that it would be easier for us to enforce later on as they get older... we didn't want the "I won't have pocket money then this week" as an excuse for not helping out. Having said that, on the odd occasion they have been paid extra for things that were unique and well and truly over and above what was expected ... needless to say, this is not common.

    Here ends the essay ;-)

    Oh, the young lady wants to see Katie's room too :-)

  2. my girls are far messier than the boy, and I am building up the motivation to get into their room when they are at school one day - every thing does pretty much have a place, but they won't put things back there, or prefer to have things in a DIFFERENT spot than what I have chosen, and it drives me nuts. The boy, once things have been given their spot (and the girls haven't trashed his room) likes things to go more or less in place.

    my kids all have their jobs - even though there is always whining about who's turn it is - and I only hand out pocket money when we are going to the city, which isn't often - so they can choose something they really want. I don't think the oldest ones have any concept of value yet either, so maybe next year we might start handing it out on a regular basis and if they want something in particular they can see how long it will take to save for it. And I agree with Amy - chores come with the family, however if extra work is done (for example in our case - helping fencing - and I mean proper helping) then I feel they should be given a little reward ie DS game or extra bonus pocket money.
    Here endeth essay two, which probably has been of no help what so ever!

  3. Thanks Amy, and Miss Katie has the expedit shelving in her room. Will try to accomodate the four year old tomorrow. Katie's room needed much less work, but I still have her wardrobe to go, need to redo the hanging, so maybe I will take some shots then. It hasn't really changed since I posted about her new bed.

  4. Sharon, Katie is a bit fanatical about where things go at the moment so she is pretty good. And it took me months to work up to this, avoiding only made it harder!
    LOL Sharon, your essay was helpful! Yes we have family jobs. Will define the pocket money ones. A friend just said to me theirs is more for attitude and helping, and the value decreases if they are unhelpful. Im liking the lessons they may learn there. Will see how we go and report in!
    Thanks girls!
    PS Sharon I assume the DS was a hit then?