Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A birthday is looming ....

Sounds a little ominous doesn't it? Well it isn't, I am excited and so is Miss almost 4. It just kind of snuck up as I knew it would. I was organised early, and made the invites. It was fun too, I was pleased to do a little scrapping.
I even managed to hand deliver all the invites to her little friends in plenty of time, the beginning of May always sneaks up on me, and I knew with Easter being so late I had to be organised. 
That was also my downfall a little. I had everything all lined up and ready to go. Here we are 4 days out and I have just realised I need to bring it all together. 
She is having a low key celebration (because apparently when you turn 5 you have to go to Luna Park, like your brother did, something about being tall enough to go on the roller coaster). We have invited a few of her little friends, at her choosing to a High Tea at the local cupcake shop. She is so excited, we have been in and sampled the wares, and she was concerned there weren't enough chairs for all her friends, too cute.
I have assembled all the presents, still awaiting one to arrive in the mail. Oh so you know it is this, with a pink crystal added.
 She is loving the Barbie movies, and that stuffed dolly she picked out on her own (after Mummy obsessively stalked the site until I could find one that suited) and she will be so excited that it has a tutu.
The dolly is from Lace & Ryde, they are on Facebook and you have to follow to find out when she has more dolls for sale, as they get snapped up in a nano second. I am hoping to make a Just like Katie dress or two for her as well. I think it will be fun having clothes to change her into, I bought the red riding hood cape for her when I bought her. 
So now I need to whip up some clothes in the next few days to add to the package! And I must sort out Mr almost 6's party which is just two weeks later, I know who would have two kids birthdays in the same month. 
By the way, just came across this yesterday, maybe a good Christmas present? Check out the rest of the decor tab, some very nice pieces!
And just one last thing, what will she wear? I haven't yet decided if I will buy something or whip something up. Oh decisions and time, what will I do! Right now I am off to do a little scrapping, the kids have gone fishing with Daddy, so a little me time, then onto the boys invites. It is his first school party!


  1. oh wow, didn't they turn out beautifully! (the invites!) and you wanted me to do them! they wouldn't have been as cute as this I can tell you.

    young miss is sure to love all of her gifts, she is a lucky little girl.

  2. It is all gorgeous, lovely, beautiful and fantastic - she is going to love it!