Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday Today Pages

So I have been making a little time to play catch up with my Yesterday Today Classes, it is week 7 and I had only done up to week 3. So to start here is my title page (wk 2) I completed a few weeks ago. I still haven't found the right circle accent - I really need a circle punch!

This next one is a double page spread, and it was really fun to make, just jotting down little stories. I think I may do another page for some more short stories later on in the course, depending what stories I use on other pages.

This last page I worked on yesterday and printed and stuck together today. I must say I am loving all the brushes and layered templates and things that come with the course. Ali Edwards really has put in a lot of effort. And I love that they are adaptable for other future LO's!
I am happy with how this page turned out, have to tweak my printing photos at home though the BW not so crisp!

Sorry about the quality of the photos, late afternoon light, and kids hindering me! I have done my week 5 page, and I plan on doing another in this format before I move on to watching week 6's video. No pic's yet as no daylight. I will share more when I have time.
It is our big dinner/entertainment night on THIS FRIDAY so I have a busy week. Also for those wondering I will be back to share my logo soon, I have had first proof and it has gone back for a few small mods. Enjoy your week, they just said it is supposed to reach 39 tomorrow!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Words + photos + glue (tape) = happy

I have shared a little of all the craziness at my place recently. Thank you all for such kind words, and thanks for the tip Nicole, my best friend, Tracey just bought me back some lovely chamomile tea from a shopping trip to Melbourne. I just thought I would share my way of unwinding. I did this last weekend, and I meant to post earlier but time has not been on my side.

I had to make some time, another late night, to get some scrapping done. I just felt I needed to do it, there were some stories weighing on my mind that needed recording. So I sat and printed out journalling for most of these pages in one afternoon, then when the kids (and my husband) went to bed I sat cutting and gluing (well taping) together my pages.

I felt so much happier with myself once I had done it. I have been participating in Ali's class yesterday and today. It is so inspiring about recording the stories I just has so many floating around in my head they needed to get out.

I have found I am happy when these stories out and I have created something. I really do love my words and photos, and my inspiration, at this point usually for straight out copies, from my scrappy online friends. Thanks girls and thank you scrapbooking.

I also have to confess the collages were just waiting to be finished, so they were quick and I enjoyed them. The others just fit the photos I had to work with and the notes I had made. When I looked at the photos I had ideas about what I wanted to do with them so thankfully I had jotted notes and I went back to them, I wouldn't have remembered at the moment.

More stories of Katelin and bed time, which I must say has improved dramatically in the last few weeks. Night routine is good, we are down to one bottle and no nappy and mostly dry nights so today Katelin got rewarded with a Thumbelina doll. Days are a little harder but still working well.

Some about Noah's first sleepover and our time with Katelin on her own - more stories to write there.

Some about a lovely pre spring morning in the garden as a family.

One about our bush walk - more needed there too. And this last page is about Katelin and her love for the Island Princess Barbie movie, I especially wanted to capture this while it was still fresh, as this is not her favourite now, she is changing so quickly.

I'm off to work on some new photos now - Katelin went to pre school for the first time on Wednesday, and I really want to sort the photos, do a blog post and scrap while it is still fresh.
Can't believe my baby is gone and I have this big girl now. Sigh.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Launching Just like Katie

Ok I know, I am sure I have no readers at all left! It is so crazy around here at the moment, I almost had a total melt down this afternoon - I got upset at the boys having played Legos with the bits I hadn't yet put together and labeled I know PLAYING with toys - not supposed to happen is it. I just couldn't get past the hours I have put in sorting and building! And hours I don't have to re-sort at the moment.
So along with the full time job of being a Mum, I have taken on the job of fundraising, which at the moment is taking an insane amount of time at the moment with an event for 400 people to put on in 2.5 weeks - oh and a website to keep updating - so little time.
So as if I don't have enough going on, I have been working on starting up my business ...just like Katie! A logo is on its way, website being constructed and much sewing has been done, on my mum's part so far. I mentioned that I had a few crazy opportunities pop up, well the first was a market stall last Friday night at Noah's preschool. The other is a new market starting up close by and it is next week! So they have been lousy timing for all we have had going on. But I had to get in and give them a go. (Oh by the way in amongst all this last week we got some great news about a secret project we have been working on, so add in some more work in a short amount of time, can't say any more on that yet!).
So last week was spent madly making labels, getting bags, putting together products, working out displays and just bringing it all together.

I had a great time making the labels for the clothes, and putting them together to display. I am ironing out some bugs so to speak on how to display things and how much space we need, but it has been great.

This is kind of a close up of the pop over skirt which gave me the incentive to really give this a go. Katelin is loving hers and I have sold 3 already and I have a few others wanting some. I really need to get some good photos of Kate in hers. So my first night was not great, there weren't many people but I did sell some things so that is encouraging! And I had fun so it was a good start. It was just insane getting to that point!

Anyway that's all for the quick update from me. I have another website to work on now, could someone stop the clock for a few hours please! Watch out for a logo and maybe a blog button later this week!