Monday, September 28, 2009

Express Post - Chores

Ok so I don't really call them chores, they are jobs in our house. To start at the begining, a few weeks ago I was giving some thought to the things I expect my children to do around the house to contribute. And whether or not these jobs were things that they do as part of our family, or if they deserved pocket money. I decided that we were not ready for pocket money yet and that we all do things around here to help and look after our house and this is just what we do as part of our family.
I went to pick up some paper from my friend Lee and she happen to have just made her son a jobs board, so I asked her if she minded if I lifted it. Here is my interpretation.
And these are the collages I have made of the kids doing their jobs today. Will get them printed and share the pages when I get around to them.

Been a little busy with Cathy Zielske's class over at Big Picture, and Ali Edwards' starts this week, can't wait!
Photos coming problems with internet!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What do you think?

So I mentioned before I am thinking of a little sewing business, just simple stuff, handmade by myself and my Mum. I think it will be fun and hopefully not too stressful. So I have a few ideas for some basic pieces. Here is a trial one on Katelin. I am loving it!

You should see the back too, not my best bow, but you get the cute idea.

What do you think? And about a name, I am thinking of ..... just like Katie. Love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me The Abridged Version

I have been wanting to share the little scrapping that I have done. So I have tried to scan them in, we will see how they go when I post.
I haven't done much actual scrapping, just a lot of preparation, and lots of journalling. The idea of the class I am taking is to write entries under each letter of the alphabet, all about ME!
I am really enjoying it and loving writing down stories just about me. I am however having trouble keeping it mostly about me, I tend to wander off talking about my family and I have to refocus.

Here are the pages I have done for A and B. I am happy with how they look. Probably because they are pretty much an exact copy of Cathy Zielske's but that is so me I really like things when I see them just as they are, so sometimes I have trouble doing something different.
I must also confess that I have only journalled C and part of M and T, the rest of the letters only have ideas under them and J, Q, R, U, V, W and Z have nothing yet!
So Di and Jo, I am not really all that advanced. I have a lot left to to. I just had to try out a page, again so me can't wait to try out something new! Just have to do it right away even if I am not ready! It was really fun to do, and not too difficult. I must say I am enjoying learning more about photoshop.
Also I have another reason for trying to keep up. This is my first online class, and I really wanted to see how I would go at keeping up, and following the instructions. Mostly because I really want to take Ali's class, but was a bit worried it was at the busiest end of the year and it is 12 weeks long! But now I think I can take it on, I am very excited about it, I haven't registered yet - that is next weeks job! I can't wait! I love old photos and stories, I have been gathering stories from my Nan and Pop about how they met and about my Mum as a baby and little girl, it is something I love learning about and I am sure my children will too!
I love scrapbooking, and capturing my families memories!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am doing the class Me the abridged version by Cathy Zielske over at Big Picture at the moment. While I have been writing I have been thinking a lot about the technology in our lives. I seem to come back to this a lot, like mobile phones, where my kids know to go find it when it has a text message, or they say just send someone a message and find out. Usually the messages is to my good friend (Aunty) Tracey to see what Rose (her daughter is doing). I makes me laugh to hear them say it and to think that I didn't even know what one was when I was a kid.
I think about the differences between our kids, and the kids who played outside all day, cause it was much safer, and only came home when it got dark.
So as I have been noticing this a lot lately, I thought I would take a photo to scrap, since I haven't yet wirtten down these thoughts.
So here is our lounge room right now. Kate is in her room sleeping, it is quiet time. I am looking at the video for adding photos to my pages for the class. Will post more about my album later, I want to to take some work in progress type photos - is it ok to scrapbook about scrapbooking? Andrew is working on making a website for our foundation to raise funds for our friend who is dying of cancer. Awesome husband of mine contributing his time, which is so scarce. I will do another post on our foundation when it has a little more to share, ie like a website to look at! Oh and the main tv has the V8 supercars at Phillip Island on it, both my husband and I are fans. So Noah who wants to be out here with us is watching Monsters Inc on the portable DVD player with headphones on. It is such a different world in which we live!
Where would we be without the internet - outside more? Would we be healthier? These things play on my mind. Especially on such a gorgeous spring day where my friendly iphone tells me it is 31 degrees. I should mention we have been outside all morning cleaning the cubby house out and enjoying the sun - the spring cleaning saying is so true!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spring time

Spring it here and it has been glorious.
We have these lovely cherry blossom trees up the road so a week or two ago I went and took some test photos. The next day when I had worked out it would still be sunny we headed down to take some photos. I like these two.I am glad I did as the next week the blossoms were all gone again.
Sorry it has been so lite on with posts, the weather has been great, we have been out enjoying and doing jobs. I have done a page or two. But currently I am working on Cathy Z's class and really enjoying it. I don't have much to show yet, but maybe soon. Enjoy the sunshine while you can! And please stop by again soon.