Monday, June 22, 2009

White bed at Last!

Those of you who visit often will know I have been searching for a white bed. I was hoping for a timber one, of good quality and with a nice glossy finish. I have been looking for about six months now, watching different styles come out and deciding which kind I liked. After a lot of looking I was not happy with the quality, especially for the prices they were starting at $600 and up to $1300! I should clarify yes it is for a kids bed, and it does not include a mattress.
Anyway Di sent me a link to a kids bed shop in Caringbah, about 2 hours away from me. Thanks so mush for the tip Di the store is amazing, it has some lovely linen and accessories too! I finally went, and was happy beyond words with all my traveling efforts. The beds there were just what I was after. Amazingly this quality that was far superior to anything else I had seen was also more in my price range, about $500 per bed. We looked at a few styles and decided what we liked and we headed home.
After much deciding we finally ordered two beds, one for Noah and one for Katelin, and they finally came today. YAY! I have just put Noah's together and it looks great, it was so easy to put together and the quality was just as I had hoped, the finish is awesome!
Here is Noah's room before.

And Noah's room after, he has a king single Palo, the website shows a Coffs Harbor, the Palo is white. You will be seeing more of Haris and Steve (the robots on Noah's bed) Noah has become robot obsessed and he bought these with the money he saved. I have bought him a robot quilt cover for Christmas, it looks like we will be redecorating in robots!

Here is Katelin's room before.

Here is Katelin's after, I should have said I was waiting for Kate to wake so I could put her bed together, I ran out of time last night to share this picture - better late than never! Katelin's is the Coolangatta, it is shown on the scrolling shots, or the Hayden in timber.

Here is a shot of her shelves, not sure I have shared them before.

The place I got the beds from is Kidz Bedz Warehouse and they were amazing to deal with.
Thanks for stopping by - hopefully some more scrapping tomorrow - I spent my time today putting Noah's bed together :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still here ..... and I have scrapped FINALLY!

Sorry it has been a while, lots has been going on here and I have been sick twice. I just got over one cold and I got a chest cough and loss of voice!
So I have spent a lot of time on the lounge, sometimes thinking it was such a waste of scrap time, but I just couldn't get up - maybe my body was telling me to take a break!
Anyway here are my pages. Sorry its short and sweet.

We are just winding up birthday season here, with my last two parties this weekend. It has been 8 weeks straight of at least one party or more! Hope your weekend is great!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Origin = Scrap time!

Ok for those of you who don't know - origin is a football game played between NSW and QLD, kind of a best from each state. Anyway since my husband has reminded me that it is Origin night, I figured it should be a good night for scrapping! So I thought I would pop by quickly and share a few of my recent pages. All have been lifts, I take to long to work out a page on my own - so while catching up I like them to be quick!

This first one I just did today and it is a lift of Nicole's double page found here. I am happy with it and it talks a bit about me as a Mum and finding a balance with two kids, something I have wanted to write about for a while. Sorry image seems a bit blurry must be my fading daylight.

Next is another lift of Nicole's it kind of evolved as I was working, I am happy it is so simple, it is really about the story in this one!

This one is a simple version of an Ali Edwards LO. I love the idea and this is one of my favourite pages, I adore the photo and I am pleased it turned out well - high expectations and all! Ok so I can kind of adapt a little too - not too much though. Oh and I had some other pic's so this is what it loots like in my album.

I absolutely loved the original LO and I knew I had a picture I could use so here it is. I took my time with this one, I changed some of the image to B & W and I finally got to use a piece of PP that I bought just after Katelin was born. I liked it, but I have always had trouble with flourishes, I guess it was lucky the piece of paper was just waiting for the right project to come along!

Sorry all the one's I am showing you today are my favourites, I will share some others next time. This last one is a lift from Melanie and it can be found here, I adored her LO and I kind of made some photos I had out to scrap fit with her LO. I love it because I loved the photos and wasn't sure how to make them express what I wanted. I think i got the message across well.

Well hope you get some scrapping done tonight. I am off to get the kids into bed early ;)!