Monday, July 18, 2011

Finding a Balance

I have been busy working on my business Just like Katie and while it is doing well it takes so much time and drains me of my creative energy. I have to take photos and edit them and put them on the website.  Then I don't feel like mucking around with pics for scrapping. Perhaps I need a better system where I edit the pics I like all at once then they would be ready to go. Anyway, I am having trouble making it all work but I so miss scrapping, pictures and blogging.
I am also really enjoying the new Simple Aussie Girls blog, and they are making me feel very inspired. (After all 4 of my all time fav scrappers are there!)
So I have been trying to find a balance, and while I am not saying I have achieved solving the age old problem, but I am working towards things that work well for our family, and that makes me happy. 
My aim now is to at least spend a little time blogging, it is always a great place to jot down stories I want to scrap. Another aim is to babble less and let the photos speak with just a few words, hard for me but I love the simplicity of it. Ali Edwards does it so well and I love reading those posts.
I am also enjoying my project 365 and happy that I am capturing a lot in there, although I am missing a couple of weeks! I aim to share some more of that with you as well.

So I have been reading this, and although I am only half way through it is helping, in general and I am trying to change my attitudes and thinking and making the days less complicated for all of us. All that I have done has not come from here directly, I am just picking bits that speak to me and going with them.
Noah took a drama class over the holidays and he loved it. They did a little exercise and performance at the end, it was so cute! 
Loved them taking a bow!
Over the weekend I tried a little more attention and inclusion with the kids, I also managed to avoid tv for them for a whole day (there was a computer game or two) without making a point of it and they were so proud of them selves, they learned it is fun and you can do other things!
These stools have been an integral part of my changes. The kids are sitting at the bench being involved with me, chatting, cooking helping, working, learning. It has been great. And they are new stools, I never had any before (I think I need a third for symmetry)
I spent the weekend cleaning organising and tidying out here, and it makes me happy and I feel good to walk around out there, there is more work to do but everything is pointing towards making things easier, smoother and happier for all!

Working together to build a very special reward, this provided much entertainment throughout the day we love Australian Geographic! And I am proud of my boy practising self control at school, he is learning so much, and so am I.

Coming up with lots of activities for the kids to participate in was fun (after I reminded myself they would make a mess, just let them do it, enjoy and clean up at the end) I am loving them helping clean up, they like to empty the dish washer, and are getting better at packing things up. Noah really gets that it helps and it makes him feel good and that he gets more Mummy time.
Today is a pupil free day for us so we enjoyed a lay in in bed with some cuddles and the tv and just a slow start to the day. Looking forward to a happy week.


  1. Good to see you here Shannon - I know exactly what you mean about trying to find family/work/crafting balance, that book sounds very interesting.

  2. I have four stools (remember the red retro ones?!) sometimes, when the noise gets too much and I am craving some alone time, I wish I didn't! They all sit up there squarking at me! ;-)