Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Noah's Bear

I really loved chatting to Noah the other night about his bear. He has been such a part of his life for the last six years. I made myself scrap the page today before the story was lost.
I totally lifted it from Amy. And Amy you have corrupted me I bought some Oscraps One Little Bird papers - very dangerous!

Sorry you can't see it at the moment! Blogger won't upload it grrrrr. Any suggestions, using hubby's Mac and pic goes into uploader, but won't import. What was the photo thingy you were using girls?

But love the page. Thanks for the inspiration girls.
PS the page took a while, Im a bit rusty! Off to catch up on some more blog reading.


  1. Wish I could help with the photos but I am not sure?

    Any papers from that line will be lovely, I feel the need for a little shopping expedition myself!

  2. since I've started using livewriter (not sure about what is compatible with a mac, this is a windows thing) had no troubles at all. Can't wait to see it when you can upload!