Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On the twenty fifth day ....

Is January whizzing by quickly for you also? We are a few days in I am playing with the beginnings of my project life 365 (I gave up last year so I'm using the kit from then) and wanting to make it simple enough to keep up. Will share soon. I am also trying to finish of my December Daily before December blurs in my mind. I am also itching to sew, but I am struggling with so many half done things and wanting to hang out with the kids too.

So here is my pages for December 25, I will get through them all, hopefully picking up pace as I go before January whizzes by too. Hope you are taking it slowly and enjoying the time with family.


  1. Hey Shan, I just wanted to encourage you for all you efforts in projects. I love seeing your work and you kids will appreciate reading and seeing all the pics later on. You always get in there and do so much and I'm taking a leaf out of your book for this year. Last year i slackened off and this year I'm catching up on everyones blog and am feeling very inspired to be creative. I hear you on Jan zooming by already crazy stuff. I'm doing the 365 project also and am making it super simple. I will post my work as soon as I get to print my pics I've taken so far. Cant wait to see how your album turns out. Jo xo

  2. hey there. Love your blog. I used to scrapbook when I had my first child. I made an amazing album and didn't realise that I had to make two more for the other children which came along!! Some days It seems so overwhelming!! I keep snapping away in hope that one day I have the room and the motivation to create a few more albums!! You are inspiring!! I enjoy reading your blog Hope the fam are well!!! love Emma xx